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Bijay Gautam established and launched BE Labels in 2015. The Label has gained popularity for their originality and quality of its printed fabrics and garments especially with Signature Wear by Bijay Gautam and high street saree brand Drape Democracy.

The Autumn of 2016 saw the debut release of his men’s wear line which are branded under Gautam Pret’. It features an assortment of linen and cotton wear which have been inspired by simple design, cuts and subtle and pastel hues. Ikkat print kurtas on premium south Indian cotton makes it an easy wear over linen/cotton or denim trousers.

We had one of our good friends and contributors, Abhishek Maskey, try on some of the clothings from the lineup. Check it out.


Abhishek Maskey, a good friend and contributor, is a creative genius. He is razor sharp with his rhetorics and to top it off, he can charm his way through pretty much everything.

Passionate about education and presentations he is currently
an MBA student, Interim CEO at Ebeema and is the Brand and Relationship Officer at King’s College. He is known for his charismatic presentation skills, marketing ideas, graphic designing and brand management and seems to be doing a good job at doing so many things.



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