A Spa-tacular Experience


The entire concept of a trip to the spa is off-putting for the general man, even more so in our society where personal grooming is still not ranked amongst top priority amongst the common man. Any association between spas and men have been restricted to just being great gifts to give to your girlfriend or wife. The smell of lavender lofting in the air while you cozy up in a soft bathrobe with cotton between your toes doesn’t exactly exude manliness.

Trimmed hair, butchered nails and a shave after a shower have summed up the grooming process for the average male. More often than not, we like the whole low maintenance appearance because we have been genetically engineered to exert as little energy as and whenever possible; we’re lazy, basically. So, if by doing as little as possible makes us looks good, that’s great.

Part of it might be attributed to what we see on the media. Scruffy Hollywood actors sporting scraggly hair, a dark stubble or goatee might appear to have been an easy look to pull off, but there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Chances are, by shoddily imitating a celebrity’s clothes and hairstyles, you risk coming off as a well dressed hobbit rather than as a Nepali George Clooney. Creating the scruffy look takes a lot of grooming and proper technique, a technique that sadly has not been hardwired to most male genetics.

Shaggy hair and sharp stubble are fashionable statements only when you have soft skin and fluffy hair to back them up. Pasty skin, unkempt nails and coarse hair will have you looking homeless rather than a handsome hunk.

With quite a slim margin for error, you might as well let the professionals handle things at the spa. While you may squirm at the thought of going to the spa, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of the spa visitors in Nepal are male. Apparently, average Nepali men do care about how their nails look and how their skin feels; not too surprisingly, so do the women. It’s not fair to them to have to keep up with burly out of control eyebrows and chewed up nails while they wax the holy hell out of themselves.

There is a way of looking at going to the spa without making you feel like you’ve been stripped of your masculinity while stripping down to a bathrobe. You are top dog and you if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? With all the stress of going to work five to six times a week, you can look at going to the spa as more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Spa treatments can de-stress a person on another level, with the help of the powerful human touch, skin treatments and complete body overhaul you will be reenergized like never before.

However, it defeats the entire purpose of going to the spa if the ordeal spa stresses you out. So, call before you go and ask about their facilities or any questions that you may have. Do a little research if it makes you feel comfortable. In fact, you can even make a date out of it. There are a lot of options for spa goers in Kathmandu today, and you can take your girlfriend/wife along with you.

It’s high time you man up to some manicures and pedicures. A day at the spa might not be an emasculating experience at all. It might just be the break you’ve always needed to get back on the working wagon and kick it to high gear.


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