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Men prioritize their midsection for various reasons. It could be to get rid of the layer(s) of the fat that have accumulated around the torso. The second reason could be because ripped abs is the epitome of fitness. Whatever the case, the abs are one of the most sought after muscles in the male body, by both men and women.

However, the sweetest fruits are the most difficult to obtain, and so is the case with abs. Revealing your abs will require dedication in every meaning of the word. This means clean eating, proper workouts and cardio to stay lean.

Because the abs are typically working to keep your body upright all day, they have a greater degree of slow-twitch fibers than other skeletal muscle tissue. Therefore, they fatigue at a slower rate than other muscle groups with a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibers (i.e., pecs, biceps, and hamstrings). Since fast-twitch fibers are the ones most capable of growth, you’ll find a muscle group like the abdominals a little more stubborn to grow. Hence the typical rep range used to target them isn’t identical to what’s used to train the arms, chest, or back; instead, a slightly higher rep target may be required when training abs.

Finally, don’t forget about progressive overload when it comes to ab training. Simply doing three sets of 20 reps every time isn’t enough; you’ve got to make each workout a little bit harder than the last. Strive for an extra rep or two each set, add a plate to the stack at your next workout, or slightly reduce the rest period between sets. You’ll grow faster if you keep challenging yourself from workout to workout.

Since you are already reading through this, we’re sure you’re on your quest to getting washboard abs.





Location: Oyster Spa and Fitness Club

Model: Biswas KC

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