The history of The Everest Hotel can be easily traced to 40 years back, that era when the concept of five-star hotels in Nepal was almost non-existent. The first international brand to enter Nepali hospitality industry was The Everest Hotel which operated as The Everest Sheraton Hotel and it functioned for 10 years. Named after the tallest peak in the world, The Everest Hotel is located in mid-city, approximately three kilometers from Kathmandu International Airport and pretty accessible from the business hubs, pilgrimage sites and other important places.spaces-2

After successfully entertaining national and international guests for a decade, The Everest Hotel decided to run independently. When the massive earthquake of 2015 struck the country, The Everest Hotel suffered its destruction which was not unexpected due to its old structure. This was taken as a good opportunity to renovate the entire hotel; breaking down the previous formation, making the architecture of the buildings at par with the time.

Ensconced in the most convenient of places, The Everest Hotel is still in its restoration phase, nonetheless it still gives the best of its services.

Right from the moment one enters through the South facing colossal gates, you can feel the poshness oozing out from every corner, whether it is the spacious parking, the outdoor swimming pool or the humongous glass doors that leads into the classiest of the entrance.spaces-3

The rooms of the said Hotel are segregated into Superior King Room, Superior Twin Room, Deluxe Room, Deluxe Twin Room, Club King Room, Club Twin Room and Suite Room out of which Superior King Room and Superior Twin Room are closed for renovations. The rooms are elegantly designed and arranged to meet the prerequisites of comfort, luxury and pleasant stay of the visitors. The spaces are provided with all the comforts of home like an LCD television, bathroom amenities, a landline phone to connect with the reception and other rooms at all times when needed, a private bathroom, mini bar, safe, room slippers, et cetera.spaces-4

The quarters are ensured in a way that the customers get the feel of international standard with a feel of Nepali-ness. Therefore, a lot of Nepali artworks and carvings can be noticed hung on the walls and out on the lobby.

Similarly, The Everest Hotel has a Meeting Room and Banquet named The Sherpaland and The Grande Ballroom. The meeting room is situated on the top floor along with the Bugles and Tigers Bar, where one can find an exquisite array of drinks and have a good sociable time. The Grande Ballroom is a banquet hall situated at the lobby level where one can take the privilege of either a business or banquet hall necessities. The floor space is 6048 square feet and can easily accommodate any kind of gathering whether it is conferences, seminars or large parties.spaces-5

The gastronomical experience at The Everest Hotel was all too unforgettable. For dinner, we were served the Indian Cuisine which consisted of Rice, Rahar Dal, Chicken Mughlai, Mixed Achar and Mixed Fruit Platter for dessert. The dish was not only delicious to taste but it definitely stole the show. The tangy spicy flavour of the chicken hit straight home and the entirety of the meal was scrumptious.

For breakfast, the hotel had a buffet—a selection of cereals, fruits, English breakfast and Indian breakfast. With a view of the busy city and panoramic vista outside the window, it is a wonderful way to begin one’s day with a hearty meal. The dainty breakfast was more than enough to get us happy and skipping for the day.spaces-6

Apart from this, The Everest Hotel also has facilities such as a gym/ fitness room and spa with state of the art resources and tools, equipping visitors of high standard fitness gear experience.

Towards the end of the stay, we had a prompt chat with Hemant Mehta, General Manager of The Everest Hotel, who has been a part of this glorious organisation since the past six months. He apprised us of how The Everest Hotel has planned to present itself after its recuperation. “We have decided to upgrade every facility possible while keeping the design intact. We want our guests to experience both Nepali and contemporary rooms,” he shared.spaces-7

The Everest Hotel intends to have an all-day dining restaurant, a self-service market style pool side restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch, and cooking stations, offering the finest product for each meal period.spaces-9

Mehta further explained how The Everest Hotel is partaking in the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign. “It is our major responsibility to ensure that our visitors have a good time and enjoy what Nepal truly has to offer,” he said. “I am very happy that we opened this year and got to be a part of this campaign. We assure that our guests and invitees are given proper and traditional welcome by putting on tika and scarf. We also share geographical map to our guests where we have pinpointed places not to be missed within Kathmandu, and other places in Nepal. We are taking care of other aspects as well such as considerable packages, good rates and discounts so that visitors come to Nepal, take back all the memories and feelings and encourage others to pay a visit to Nepal too,” he further said.spaces-10

As mentioned earlier, the Hotel is not in full strength at the moment. Even then, the establishment has been giving the finest quality services with its 160 staff members. Conclusively speaking, staying at The Everest Hotel is an exquisite experience and one can be promised of all the delight, comfort, and affluence worth one’s time.

Text by Abhigya Subedi

Photos by Saras Sthapit Shrestha

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