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When it comes to pairing your shoes with the rest of what you wear, white sneakers are the gold standard. Every style and fashion advocate champions these as the be-all end-all. It is but a blank canvas, and yet it says a lot at the same time. Then again, with so many options out there, most people are torn between “it’s way too expensive” and “shut up and take my money”. Then again, these options are often out of our reach. Until now, of course.

One of the best feelings about Caliber’s white sneaks is that it’s a no regret deal. All of their shoes are. You don’t have to study up on them. You don’t have to look at outfit inspirations to wear them. You don’t have to draw out a bank loan to have them. You just get them. You wear them. And you love them.

At first glance, they’re pretty basic, and that’s the best thing they have going for them. With a minimal branding on the tongue and deep navy heel tab, there’s not much to look at. Again, that’s a good it. They have a set of perforations on top that’s reminiscent of Nike Air Force. On the outer side of the foot, another set of perforations take race to add a sporty vibe. The inner side has a couple of stitching that serve decorative purposes. The closest sneaker one can compare these to are the Adidas Stan Smiths, and it’s way better to get these than the copies you get of the Stans here.


These are of course, mere aesthetic. What matters is what they’re made of.

The upper is composed of microfiber leather. This sort of leather is a non-woven synthetic fabric with a nice coating of high performance polyurethane resin. But just because it’s fake leather doesn’t mean that it feels like one. It does. And it also is water resistant, takes on abrasions like a champ, and doesn’t attract bacteria (as long as you keep your feet clean that is), is lightweight, and you can throw it in the wash when it gets dirty.

In other words, you don’t have to baby it. You can rough around with them and they’ll (you’ll) still be looking good. Above all, an animal didn’t have to die so that you can wear it on your feet. We like that part the most.

The sole of the sneaker is of good quality as well. It is rubber and it’s stiff yet flexible. You can arch your foot as much as you want and walk on pointy rocks no problem. You can arch your foot on a pile of pointy rocks, full body weight on the balls of that foot even. The upper is fused to the sole with an all-around stitching so it’s nice and secure. When it comes to the grip on the outsole though, we wish it could’ve been better. The shoes do tend to slip and slide on wet mud though, but then again, we reckon they’re not meant to go out on an off road hike. Good news is that it doesn’t slip as much on wet tiled floor. From our side, that’s a pass.

Second to the quality of the make is the quality of wear. Here, for the price, there’s nothing to complain about. The insole is a standard black with a bit of cushioning, nothing drastic that will make you do slam dunks, just enough to make walking a walk in the park. The lining is of grey cushioned mesh that goes from the collar to the mid of the foot. It holds the shape of the sneaker and ensures a snug fit. For the wide footers, however, that fit might be a bit too snug.


See, the toe box is a bit narrow. Yes, the material does expand a bit over the course of repeated wear, but until it does, the toes and the knuckles may suffer a bit. The best way to battle it is to literally just walk it off.

Now, the only other nit-pick we can do with this is with the laces. It’s not regarding the quality of them, they’re pretty satisfactory by the way, but with the color. Getting the shoes brand new, one can notice that the color of the laces is of a different shade than the actual shoe. The shoe is a nice supple white that can very well hold the Colgate tag, while the laces are a weird Nir infused tone. Then again, you can mitigate it with some wear, wash them, or just swap them out. Is it a big issue? Not at all.

Is it a good sneaker? Absolutely. Is it the best white sneaker? Priced at just Nrs. 2450, of course.


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