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With 20 plus years of experience in the shoe making business, Caliber Shoes have been making a name for themselves. As of now, the brand has been growing with an arsenal of footwear, ranging from everyday casual sneakers to sports shoes, and even formal shoes. And to make it better, all of their products are made in Nepal and they are promoting local business and employment as well. With a vision to deliver quality products at an affordable price range, Caliber Shoes have crafted some of the most impressive looking and feeling footwear.

So, we decided to give them a shot and see what Caliber Shoes have to offer. With that being said, we present you with our take on the Chelsea boots from Caliber.


Before we get started, let’s look into a little bit of background on the Chelsea boots. Having Victorian roots, these boots were designed and invented by J. Sparkes-Hall, boot maker to Queen Victoria. He was the first to design boots with elastic on either sides of the boot and patented it in 1851. And these all taking place in Chelsea, England, the boots eventually came to be called the Chelsea Boots.

The boots are a stylish type of footwear that comes up to or just above the ankles but doesn’t cover the shin. They are not lace ups and are generally very versatile; appropriate for work, can be paired up with jeans, and even with casual suits. Overall, they are great for everyday use and easy to walk in.

So, let’s see what the Chelsea boot from Caliber has to offer.



A first glance is all it takes to see how Caliber have come up with a design that looks very simple yet sophisticated. The simplicity of the way the boots look is what makes it appealing. The boots carry all the characteristics that a Chelsea boot has, complete with the rounded tip, raised heels, and how it come up just to your ankles. The Suede finish of the boots gives an elegant look. They have kept the design very clean with the brand logo only appearing on the strap behind the shoes to tug your feet in. The casual look makes the boots go with anything from jeans to formal wear and we must say that these are definitely a looker.



The Caliber Shoes are finished in such a way that it screams of quality. The suede finish gives it an extra premium feel; even though it is made of microfiber and not actual leather, the finish has not been compromised. More so, the fiber actually makes the finish better in the sense that it doesn’t wrinkle as much as actual leather would and it further helps to maintain the clean look of the boots. Not only that, but stitches have been well integrated into the design, keeping things as minimalist as possible.

The Chelsea boots come with black rubber shoe and you have different colors to choose from for the upper part of the shoe. The one that we have comes finished in cocoa brown and the elastics being a darker shade of brown. The way that they have combined the different shades of brown gives the boots a classy persona.



From the moment you slip into these boots, you will realize how comfortable they really are. This is made evident by how the elastics on the sides make it easy to put on; you would be surprised by the ease of access for the first couple of times. Apart from that, the cushioned insole makes walking in these shoes a breeze. The inner linings of the boots make them fit snugly around your feet and the lightweight material just takes the comfort to another level. The rubber sole is flexible enough and the elevated heels are just raised to the right amount; you can be walking in these boots for a whole day without any discomfort, with a minimal wear-in time at that.It just molds to your own stompers.



The materials that have been used and the way the boots have been designed, it seems like Caliber have put in a lot of effort to bring out something that would be durable. As mentioned earlier, these boots are made up of first grade microfiber and not actual leather; which actually is a good thing. The microfiber is an excellent replacement for leather but gives out the same feel and texture. Not only that but these are easier to maintain and won’t stretch out over time. The material would retain its form and unlike leather, it won’t easily get stained and form wrinkles. All of that coupled with precision stitching only means that these boots are there to last. The rubber sole also is of a higher grade and worn out soles wouldn’t be that much of an issue. And to prove their point on the durability of the shoes, Caliber offers a 6-month warranty on the boots.

With all that being said, Caliber Shoes have definitely done a good job in making these Chelsea boots. We must say that these boots look amazing and feel amazing as well. You can actually see how Caliber have put in an effort to maintain a premium quality with their products.

But that’s not all, this is where quality meets affordability, Caliber has put out these boots at an amazing price tag of just Rs. 3450. The Chelsea boots from Caliber Shoes is definitely a bang for your buck.


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