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Winter is over. We all know what that means; the great season for short clothes and showing off that hot bod in the hot climate you sculpted when you had to be covered up.

But if you haven’t achieved that ideal body that you promised yourself before the winter ends, or that new year’s resolution to get fit, there is no need to feel guilty. We are here to help you achieve them before the heat arrives.

We already have an athlete’s work out worked out for you in this issue. But, that is half of what will get you to your bod goal. The other half is the most important one as it’s done throughout the day. Or, throughout most part of the day which is “Eating”, or in the fitness world “DIET”.

This time around we will be talking about how to eat to get fit and lose fat in the healthiest and natural way possible.


Calorie deficit is the basic when it comes to shedding down the fat. This can either be obtained through managing diet, or exercise. But the best way is by combining them. Calculate your necessary calorie per day according to your weight, height, age, and sex with the help of the calorie calculator that can be found online. Once you do this try to be on a calorie deficit diet from somewhere around 300-500. Although the rules are simple, the implementation is a bit complex.

You obviously need to calculate your calorie intake. Thankfully, there are several mobile applications to help out, such as My Fitness Pal, which not only help you calculate the calories in your diet, but also keep track of your meals, weight goals, and much more. Finally, record the meals with appropriate calorie for your body and eat accordingly.

Here, the most important part is to eat 4-6 meals per day. By doing so, your metabolism increases and cutting fat will occur in no time. Also, be sure not to miss any meals and have them on time that you set.



Now, that you know that calorie deficit is the primary driver of fat loss, the next important thing to consider is the macronutrient split. Drastically cutting down the calorie will leave you exhausted and most often it’ll when you don’t know the proper way. Therefore, Macro split. Macronutrients are the three basic elements you need in your body i.e. carbohydrates, fat, and protein. In order to work these macros to your benefit, the knowledge of macro split is very important. Whether it be gaining, loosing, or maintaining weight.

Since, we are focused on losing weight whilst building muscles and properly toning your summer body, the macro split should be more focused towards high protein, complex digesting carbs, and only necessary fats.

To determine your own macronutrient split isn’t always an easy task, but a few simple places to start are 40:40:20 which correlate to protein, carbs, and fat out of your 100% calorie intake. In other words, if your daily calorie intake is 1500 calories, 40% or 600 calories of your diet would come from protein, 40% or 600 calories from carbs, and 20% or 300 calories from fats



If you have read our previous articles, you’d know what we are about to talk about. Well, if you haven’t, you can read our fitness articles online.

The true key to fitness and cutting fat is by minimizing processed foods and focusing on whole foods. It’s sad but true that tasty foods aren’t healthy, and healthy foods aren’t tasty. But it is good to be fit than fat, right?

What to eat then, if not dal, bhat, and tarkari, then what? Well here is what to eat:

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the fuel which thrives our human body. We as a Nepalese mostly prefer carbs, such as white rice, roti, potato, beaten rice, and noodle, on daily basis for energy. But this is also the main reason why we gain fat.

Yes, we need carbs, but the complex ones. Most of our normal diets include simple carbohydrates which digest quick causing spike in insulin level. Instead, replace these carbs with the complex carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, barley, whole-wheat pasta, etc. These carbs in your body will fuel your body for longer hours and keep your hunger at bay.


Protein: Proteins are the builders for muscles in your body by repairing the tissues. These little helpers are essential when it comes to looking good and getting strong. Plus, there are low in calories per gram as compared with carbs and fat. This means you can eat a lot of protein

while you are hungry and still you would be consuming low calories and more muscle builders. With that being said, it is important that we avoid any post processed products and any protein that is bathed in sunflower oil.

Steaming, roasting, and stir-frying, are some of the best methods of cooking when it comes to eating healthy. Interestingly, boiling your food results in loss of nutrients but frying you food causes more damage to those very nutrients. Hence, it is best to consume your protein by steaming, roasting, and stir-frying, and boiling.


Fat: Fat is an essential nutrient when it comes to body functions. It allows your body to absorb vitamins, and it promotes an optimal hormonal environment in the body. While talking about fats there are three types of fat; unsaturated, saturated and trans-fat. If you read our previous issue’s article “Eat fat to lose fat”, you would know all there is about fat. If you missed it there, here are the basic know whats:

  • Unsaturated: These are the healthiest fats because they have positive impact on our heart health, cognitive function, and recovery. Some of them are olive, peanuts, avocado, soybean, etc.
  • Saturated: These fats positively influence testosterone production and optimizes hormone production in the body. Some examples are butter, bacon fat, cookies etc.
  • Trans: These are bad fats because they negatively impact heart health and increase your risk for several metabolic abnormalities. So, you must avoid these as much as you can. Some examples are pre-packed goods, ice cream, powdered coffee creamer etc.

Words by Nishant Pradhan

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