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First Night Basics: Consummating the Marriage


The hectic rituals and ceremonies are finally out of the way and you’re alone with your newlywed wife. The doors are locked, the curtains are drawn and you’re together in bed; both a bundle of anxiety and excitement. Now, you are either looking into the eyes of the woman you’ve loved for years and promised to do so for the rest of your life or into those of someone you’ve just recently made that promise to.

Regardless of whether it’s your first time having sex with your new wife or whether you’ve had sex with her before, you will want your wedding night sex to sizzle. Making this night perfect will earn you brownie points for many years to come. Here’s how you make sure you tick all the right boxes.

Why it’s special to her

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the first night is so special to any bride. Apart from the fact that she has been envisioning this moment from the time she was eight, she will be looking as beautiful as she has ever looked. And everyone will be telling her that. She will also be giddy with joy. This is her day, and it will hopefully be a beginning to a new beautiful phase of her life. Furthermore, being surrounded by family and friends, she is finally comfortable with the fact that she doesn’t have to hide your relationship from her loved ones.

This might be one of the happiest days of her life, and she would want every aspect of it to be just perfect, that includes a beautiful magnificent night.


Make the night special and reap the rewards for a long time to come. We say this on very few select situations, which means we really mean it: do not fear the clichés. Watch a few chick flicks and note things down.


Anticipation can be very arousing for women, so use that to your advantage. Titillate her sexual side throughout the day by doing whispering the dirty things you plan on doing to her later that night. If you get the chance, get her alone during the day and makeout somewhere where there’s a risk of getting caught. Don’t get caught though.

You can also give her sexy lingerie she can wear on the night. She will want to flaunt it for you on the night. Check out Pg. 48 for a head start.


It might be a good idea to rent a room in a nice hotel for the night. There are many of us who live with other members of the family, and if you plan on doing things right you will not want them anywhere around the building.

Opt for a place not too far away.


Like we said, embrace the clichés. Opt for dim lighting, and a cozy environment. Spread Rose petals on the bed and floor and light a scented candle. In fact, you can go the whole nine yards and order some champagne on ice and play soft romantic music as well. Be a gentleman throughout the night, you can afford to ditch it when you get into the sheets.


Premarital virginity is no longer a prerequisite for marriage, and as mature adults we’re sure you have come to terms with this reality. However, there is a chance that you and/or your wife have been waiting for your marriage to get intimate with someone, which is completely alright. However, perfecting your game on the first go is a long shot. A long shot, yes, but not impossible.


You’ve got your work cut out for you. If she was your girlfriend before she became your wife and she had been saving herself for you, congratulations.It is your job now, to make sure you repay her and make the wait worthwhile. This means that you have to be gentle and loving. Take it slowly and indulge in a LOT of foreplay. Make sure she is comfortable and relaxed. Of course, you are the experienced one here so you should take charge in guiding her throughout the entire process. Make sure you’re ready to slowdown or even stop if she asks you to.

Opt for dim lighting, and a cozy environment. Spread Rose petals on the bed and floor and light a scented candle.


Your best bet is to stick to the basics. Despite the lack of the practical experience, we’re sure you’ve got the theory down to a T. But, the thing is that years of pornography might have established a very wrong image of what sex should be, at least for the first number of times.

Take time to explore her body and penetrate slowly. We know you’ve been waiting a long time but you do not want to look like a teenager getting lucky.


If you’ve had sex before, you have already experienced the first night exhilaration. That just puts even more pressure on you to make the night that much more special. One way you can do that is by banning sex a few weeks (or months) before your wedding night. This will help you recreate the anticipation that isn’t there in everyday sex life. For a period of time before the wedding, ban all sexual contact so that your desire for each other will build up until the wedding night.

Congratulations Stud! You have learned the crafts required to make your first night with your wife a special one. Remember: have fun, embrace the clichés for once and make sure she will remember this night for the rest of her life.




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