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Photo: Bibhas Maharjan Suwal

Location: Rage Fitness, Naxal

1. What is your personal philosophy?

Eat, sleep, workout, repeat. Well, that’s what most of my friends and family think. On a broader sense, I have been following about a concept called “I, Fit”, for quite some time now. Just as the theory of evolution states, “survival of the fittest”, this philosophy revolves around the entity ‘fit I’ having a better chance to mitigate everyday life challenges, comparatively, to the entity of the ‘unfit I’.

Furthermore, I believe that when you are fit, you are more mentally alert, physically faster and stronger, have increased stamina, you are more disciplined and hard working. Then there is the more common reason to workout, that is to look good. Aesthetic appeal brings along confidence, social inclusiveness and many other positives.

2. Do you recommend taking supplements?

In my opinion, basic supplements such as pre-workout drinks to charge you up for a full fledged workout, or whey protein for post workout recovery are a must and also highly recommended by most health professionals. There is a general misconception that supplements will give you unneeded mass gain and might actually make you fat, however, this is false. Whey is natural protein required to help repair muscles that you have broken down during your work out to help develop lean muscle mass, it does not create new additional body mass. Plus, I don’t fully trust the protein availed by the meats and vegetables nowadays; especially because of all the adulterations that take place with our foods.

3. What do you do regularly to stay current on fitness and training information?

I read up on fitness issues and inserts like TNM (smiles). I also browse the internet for new and advanced discoveries on health. My subscriptions to fitness pages on Facebook and other social networks that keep updating me on the latest happenings of the fitness world.

4. What do you do for your own workouts?

If I workout alone, I will probably be at the weight room. However, I tend to prefer group classes more, it kills boredom and frustration of lifting weights over an extended period of time. Plus, while working out in a group I feel more motivated to work harder and sometimes, out-do your fellow gymmates.

5. Most people find that work and other obligations get in the way of their fitness goals. How do you organize, plan, and prioritize your work?

People who don’t have time for fitness goals have their fitness philosophy wrong. There are so many options to help keep you fit nowadays, with multiple venues, timetables, activities, sports. Even the  option of jogging or just eating right, which is a big part of fitness, is a good start. My workout schedule is, either, early mornings or evenings, 7 am or 6:30 pm, depending on the happenings of the day. I usually schedule my meetings around my workout, as fitness is a priority for me. If it overlaps with my work, I make sure I make up for it the next day.


6. Share an experience in which you used new training skills, ideas, or a method to adapt to a new situation or improve an ongoing one.

Four years ago I hit a fitness plateau, where I basically stopped seeing any results or physically transformation, even, with increased intensity in my training. This became really frustrating, to the point, where my desire to train began to dwindle. Then, I was advised to change my eating habit, not by crash dieting,, but eating right, and eating clean. And, in a span of 3 months, I jumped onto a new level of fitness and the results were quite amazing, thereafter. Hence, workout enthusiast, please have patience, it is a process, sometimes a long process of many months and years, but you are heading in the right direction by making the effort to enter the gym. Everyone has a six pack in them.

7. How often do you workout?

An hour a day, five days a week. Workout days are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Rest days on Tuesdays and Saturday.

8. This Exercise won’t make my arms Bigger?

Not sure about that, but I read somewhere that one is more likely to get ripped lean arms by working their legs, than their upper body.

While working out in a group I feel more motivated to work harder and sometimes, out-do your fellow gymmates.

9. What’s the best Exercise for the shoulders?

Shoulder presses and lateral dumbbell raises for your deltoids. There are numerous exercises and body weight exercises for the shoulders in case you do not have weights.

10. How often should someone work out/lift weights?

A serious workout regime consists of working out four to five times a week. However, lifting weights depends on the body type, and the type of results you seek. Us humans have all sorts of bodies, square, round, stick, top heavy, bottom heavy; so ultimately, it comes down to what your needs are are and how you plan to get there. I personally do four days of intense cardio/ strength conditioning complimenting it with one day of just weights, every week.


11. What are some really effective exercises for the midsection and that stubborn tummy fat?

I’m still looking for them. However, I will share with you a personal experience regarding my mid section. I have been seriously working out for about six years and after all these years I recently discovered that my form for abs workout was wrong. I was not breathing right and all my efforts on the abs were actually working my back, my neck, or my legs, more. Hence, correct form is very important for effective results. The trick is to breathe through your abdomen when doing your abs exercises and keep focusing in the mid-section while doing the exercise.

12.Say I work 40-60 hours per week, have a kid to take care of and I don’t have a lot of time for exercise. I don’t want to spend money on a gym membership because I probably won’t use it. What type of exercise program could you recommend for me?

As I mentioned earlier, I will need to know your body type, age and objectives before I can recommend a program for you. However, eat right, (less sugar, limit white flour, rice and oil) and do cardio/ strength interval programs using body your own body weight. Even 25 minutes a day will show results and make you a survivor.

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