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You can’t help but have high expectations
when you head to a café opened by people coming from a musical background. Located
in Mandikhatar, just some meteres outside the ring road, Khyaspaal Coffee is a new coffee joint founded by Salim Akthar and Poojan Dhakal.

According to the owners, the inspiration behind Khyaspaal Coffee came with an idea of infusing old memories back into the current generation. The name, Khyaspaal, is an ode to the owners’ Newari friend who passed away in early ‘90s.

The décor in here takes an artsy/musical approach with vinyls, graffiti and posters adorning the walls and the menu here is a fusion of Nepali food with western coffee culture. Also, the café provides visitors with a spectacular view of Boudha and Kapan.

The menu at Khyaspaal Coffee is ecletic. Here are few of the options.

MINT LEMONADE: A freshly prepared summer drink which blends well with anything you pair it with.

EGG SANDWICH: Inspired by the creations of British celebrity chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver, the egg sandwich at Khyaspaal is exceptionally good and heavenly.

BURGERS: The burgers are unlike any regular burgers because they have the best patty-bun- combo available in the market and a special recipe.

KOTHEY MOMO: A must-try trademark dish of Khyaspaal Coffee which is served with a Dalle Khursani achar (pickle).


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