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The gym or gymnasium, if you harbor a special place for fancy words, is more than a place where people go to lift weights and hear symphonies of grunts and heavy breathing. It’s a social platform, and as any other place of social convention, you need to be presentable.

Just imagine a scenario. You walk into a gym and just as you enter, you spot a spicy senorita working the squat rack and fancy a chat with her. Chances are, if you’re sporting a pair of generic baggy trousers and stay-at-home t-shirts your chances of stirring her fancy fall within the range of zero and nada. It’s not good gym etiquette to chat up women who are there to work out but we’ll overlook this one in certain cases.

You’ve been working hard on your body. You’ve got the abs, the shields, the guns and the wheels. But where did you go wrong? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where you went wrong? Take a look in the mirror and you will spot the fallacy. You’re wearing that old faded and loose t-shirt that you got in your Bhai Tika three years ago. If you’ve been in this situation, then fret no more. Here are a few things that you can do to upgrade and help you get that foxy lady back.



On instinct, we think that it’s better to wear old clothes that you don’t wear anymore to the gym. You are going to get sweaty and stinky so why ruin your good clothes, right? Wrong. Think about it. There’s a reason why you don’t want to wear that ratty tee around town. So why should the gym be an exception?

DO: Wear a t-shirt that keeps moisture away from your body. Synthetic fiber works the best. Also, it is highly recommended to wear something warm. Now, it’s natural to think that you should wear less at the gym but here’s the thing; when you wear warm clothes, your joints are secure and the extra heat is good to shed some water weight. So, wear things like hoodies and sweatshirts. And above all, get something that fits your body. Not loose, not tight.

DON’T: Stay away from cotton! Yes, yes, most of the tees in your closet are cotton but they are the worst when you start to sweat. They stick to your skin and there is good reason why athletes don’t wear cotton when they play? And did you know words like beast, animal, machine are actually metaphors for douchebag? You may be one, but there’s no need to announce it. Stay away from prints like that. Also, please. Just please. No Rupa Frontline or Amul gungies.

HIT OR MISS: Compression clothes. They are great. They really are. They hold your mass together so that you don’t swell up. Plus, they’re pretty much superhero clothing. But if you’re someone with a belly, it won’t do much to disguise it. But if you’re up for embracing that extra mass and quiet proud of it, we say go for it.



Bottoms are tricky because it’s hard to get a full range of motion. The way to improve on that is to get a good pair of shorts or trousers. Again, this is a no-ratty zone. In fact, every zone is a no-ratty zone.

DO: Keeping up with trends, keep things nice and tapered. If you’re going for shorts, they should end an inch or two below your knee. Pants should go no more than you’re ankles. If they’re long, you’ll risk the possibility of tripping and looking like a total dork. You have the freedom to go cotton here, just make sure you don’t have a prominent dick print. Get something with a drawstring as well. Sometimes elastic bands are not enough. You don’t want people to see your crack when you do squats do you?

DON’T: As sad as it is, there are people who work out in jeans. Don’t be that guy. Yes, you may own the comfiest pair of denims but please, don’t work out in it. If you want your jeans to last long, don’t expose them to the wear
of the gym. The rule here is to abstain from anything that’s not sportswear. With that being said, you may ask, “What about Speedos? They’re sports.” NO! And you do have the liberty to go a little loose, but just a little, not baggy. It limits your articulation.

HIT OR MISS: Short-shorts are something to consider. They offer a great range of motion but if you don’t have the quads, don’t do it.


The purpose of headgear at the gym is debatable. Some may like them, some don’t see any point in them. Regardless, they do have a few purposes. The three main ones are to absorb sweat, keep your head warm and hold back your hair. Other than that, there isn’t much else.

DO: If it is holding your long hair back, you can go with a beanie. It’s also good at providing you with some warmth. But if it’s not the warmth you want, just tie your hair up with a band. If it’s neither the case, don’t put in much effort, you’re good with nothing.

DON’T: If you’re not Roger Federer or a Samurai Sensei, you have no permission to wear a headband. Yes, it is practical to wear them as they absorb sweat, but really, you’ll look like a dork.

HIT OR MISS: It’s common to see guys wearing baseball caps to the gym and for the most part, they do look good in it. But, just ask yourself why you need it. The brim of the hat might get in the way, so think about that.



We have seen men workout bare feet on countless occasions. And on all occasions we have asked: Why? Footwear is important. Also, you should know that you should own at least two pairs of shoes. One with
a flat sole and one with some heel. The flat one is for when you’re doing lifts and squats. The flat surface displaces the effort evenly so you don’t lose any energy. The heeled on is for cardio and other general exercises.

DO: Get a shoe that fits. If you don’t know the importance of proper size, you need to get out of that rock you call your abode. Also, the shoe should be slim to compliment the tapered fit you’re going for.

The socks should be thick and low rising, till the ankle and no more. You have the freedom to go crazy on the colors here.

DON’T: Don’t get shoes that are other than sports. You might want to show off your double monk straps as much as you can, but really, gym is no place for those. Don’t bring in ratty shoes and socks that go up to your knees? This ain’t the 80’S. Also, they tend to ride down so it’s not very practical.

HIT OR MISS: Converse and Vans were originally for sports. They have a sturdy flat sole so you might be able to get away with it.


As the name suggests, it’s just an addition to what you’re wearing. You don’t really need it, but is helpful to have it. However, one should always keep in mind not to overdo it. Keep functionality in mind and you should be good.

DO: Wristbands are great. If you’re sweating, you can wipe your forehead with it. They provide protection when you’re lifting. And they also make your arms look bigger. So wristbands are recommended. Next, you will want to keep track of time, so get a watch with a chronograph feature and water resistance. At times you might need an extra boost and music is a great way to do that. Get a pair of earphones that sits nice and snug in your ear so that they don’t fall out and kill your vibe. To protect your hands, you might want to get yourselves a pair of gloves that have a grippy palm when lifting.

DON’T: When we said watch, we meant digital. Something like a G-Shock. Not your Tissots or Taghs. Besides, have you ever tried to figure analogue chronograph? It’s just a complex timepiece and yes, that complexity needs to be admired. Just not at the gym. One more thing; necklaces. No. Mittens, woolen gloves, surgical gloves? Dude. No!

HIT OR MISS: It’s best not to use headphones, even if they’re bluetooth. They’re always the risk of them falling off when jumping and like the brim of hats, it restricts free motion. But they’re noise cancelling and may aid you to focus more into your session. Just be careful with it.

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