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We have well embraced the coffee culture among all other cultural imports. From a tea drinking nation to a significant consumer and producer of coffee, we have come a long way. Coffee cafes and specialty coffee houses have started springing up in the capital. We look at three of these establishments which are serving different ideologies and ideas while coffee being the common binding thread.



Take cycling and coffee, put them together under one roof – you have Café Anasuya/Gear Venture Nepal. Integration of a coffee shop into a cycle store is the result of a concept that underlines the getting together of like-minded cycling enthusiasts over a coffee. Anasuya is putting forward this concept to cut down on the hassle of setting up a meeting point at a tea/ coffee shop before you go about on your weekend cycling trips. Opened in the premium neighborhood address of Baluwatar-Bhatbhateni, Anasuya promises just more than coffee in an edgy minimalistic setting. The sprawling store/café is easy on colors and plenty of natural ambient lighting while being thoroughly effortless in combining a biking store and a coffee shop. The store space and the café area are divided by unobtrusive racks displaying a selection of cycling accessories while still leaving plenty of foot space. The menu is thematically designed with sporty graphics to make the concept sweep right away into your experience. Only locally grown organic Nepali coffee beans are used for the coffee. The café uses a fully-automated espresso machine which helps in depending less on the user’s handling capability while churning out perfect espressos every single time. Basic selections of classic coffee drinks are all on offer along with cold blended coffees and smoothies. Easy going, any-time versatile sandwiches are on offer to accommodate your hunger pangs. There are a constantly evolving selection of cakes and pastries on offer too. Learn two bits about cycling while you enjoy your coffee or make your next route plans with your friends over some more coffee.

Signature Drink: White Chocolate Mocha

Pro tip: Ask for information on cycling, cycling products, cycling trips for beginners. The friendly store staff will be happy to help you.



Cozy couches, nooks, low rise café centric chairs and well-lit warm interiors are what make Kaffeine a place which is all about coffee and conversations. Down right from corporate cluster to down town shopper bunch, Kaffeine defines coffee for each personality. Tucked into bylanes of Yak and Yeti Hotel, this establishment has garnered its sound share of regulars. Stripping frills of expensive setups in Durbar Marg area, the promise of reasonably priced and good coffee is what has struck the right chords. Being an enclosed indoor set-up, the café scores on snug factor additional to its warm ambient lighting. The interiors are relaxed and give in to a comfortable feeling which lets you mix in easily to its environment. This feel is more evident by availability of dedicated book sections, abundant latest magazines and a couple of board games to enjoy your prime time. The menu is also a no-frills basic coffee menu while getting the classics right. Both Latte and Cappuccino were done right which is why Kaffeine’s thoughtfulness lies in its subtlety. Blended mocha was beautifully produced to mark the skill of the barista. The café supports local coffee producers and uses as much local produce as possible. To top up your food questions, there is a short but satisfying selection of essentials like pastas and sandwiches. The grilled chicken sandwich is a specialty which is worth a try. The pastry section is constantly changing. Call for your server and ask about availability. Kaffeine is less about seeing and being seen but more about your coffee, good times and friends.

Signature Drink: Signature Hot Chocolate Mocha

Pro Tip: Kaffeine offers free headsets to its patrons to enjoy their music. Ask for one and set the ball rolling.



Barista Lavazza, Jawlakhel is the latest offering from Barista lavazza Nepal. The international coffee chain takes the game a notch higher with the introduction of proprietary ‘Crème’ category of its barista coffee chains. The new crème category offers an extensive food menu as well as significant éclat point additions on the design factor. Barista chains are all about pure coffee experiences in out and out Italian way. The barista cafes embody modernity in its setting, design and customer service experience. Now, being in the food and dining hub part of the city, Barista has bespoken itself as a landmark in no time. With an expansive area, the seating choices are abundant and the warm facet of ambient lighting is evident throughout. The street facing side of the seating area offers wonderful cosmopolitan views of glittering lights in the evening. The walls and interior design is filled with one-line anecdotes and graphics which lend the trendy feel of an international chain. The menu is thematically designed adhering to international standards and beverages are professionally put together to provide a seamless experience. The new food menu is innovative and compliments itself with the variety of beverages that are on offer. The classics of espressos, cappuccinos and lattes are perfectly churned out. Other noticeable specialization where barista scores is in its cold coffee sections. Frappes and blended varieties are sinfully indulgent. There is an elaborate breakfast selection as well as a weighty list of quick bites for any time munching. Signature offerings such as the Fish & Chips or the Pollo Arrosto make for a wholesome meal paired with a cold coffee drink. There is a significant selection of hearty desserts as well. Barista Lavazza in a package comes up as the versatile all under an umbrella coffee destination. With premium location, premier crowd of corporates, family and young alike – Barista is all about good coffee vibes.

Signature Drink: Posh Irish coffee

Pro tip: Ask for coffee recommendation to compliment with your choice of food. The staff is trained to recommend and help you with a smile.

WORDS&PHOTOS: Kushal Goyal,

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