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03 Jun 2018

so far so good : a look at sofar sounds and how it works

Musicians have joined forces under the name of Sofar Sounds all around the world. And lucky for us, now we

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02 Jun 2018

what does it take to be a radio jockey with yanik shrestha

Yanik Shrestha is one of the most popular RJ’s in Nepal today having worked with major radio brands. In fact,

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01 Jun 2018

paras khadka captain of the nepalese cricket team : the man with 20/20 vision

The Gospel of John, reports Jesus feeding a multitude of 5,000 people just by using five loaves of barley bread

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27 May 2018


People drink, get drunk then they go into their own circle and create an air of disunity. Thus, came about

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27 Apr 2018

strategies proven to help you lose weight

Every individual in this generation is aware of the fact that they should savor their meals slowly at the dining

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25 Apr 2018

a revival

Right now, street wear is all in the hype; particularly vintage street wear. But is it just to say something

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22 Apr 2018

how to survive the summer without sweating it

Sweating at the gym feels great. Sweating on a date or at the office? Not so much. While it’s perfectly

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19 Apr 2018

promoting nepalese business : sam’s one tree stop

We are convinced that the Nepalese economy will recover via the promotion of small-scale and big scale local productions. But

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16 Apr 2018

market talks with kiran acharya founder of bhu laxmi group

Since the invention of air conditioning, we have been able to control the weather inside, and that has had some

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