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Nepalese Amateur Boxing Scene: ready to Rumble

The sport of boxing has captivated the interest of men all over the world for centuries. The culture of two men slugging it out inside the squared circle until one remains standing victorious has been glorified into a loved sport. Boxing is as simple as it gets: either win by beat the other guy on a point system by hitting him more effectively, or hit him so hard or so much that he can’t continue.

The simplicity, however, ends there. Becoming a boxer is anything but simple. To be able to get into the ring, throw punches with another guy who’s trying to hit you back just as hard requires overwhelming dedication and training. Throwing punches for three minutes alone requires a considerable amount of cardiovascular fitness. Strength is of the essence too because a soft beer belly won’t be able to take hits and weak love-taps won’t faze your opponent.

Boxing is serious business, not only does it physically condition your body, it provides mental stability and calmness. The beauty of the game tends to slip most ordinary folk as people tend to stereotype boxing as a barbaric sport for thugs. In fact, boxers tend to leave their fights in the ring and are much calmer in nature. Every boxer knows, there is no room for anger in boxing and that transcends into their everyday life.

This sport has a considerable following in Nepal and Amateur Boxing is picking up pace. Bikram Pariyar has made a profession out of the sport with his inclusion in the National Team from Nepal Police Force. Along with him, we bring to you four young budding boxers in the Nepalese Amateur Boxing Scene.






Words: Ankit Shakya | Photo: Bibhas Maharjan Suwal


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