the indoor vs outdoor : the transition of sports

Back in the days, the main thing that would be troubling our parents would be the fact that their children would be out playing all day and that they wouldn’t spend enough time studying, or they might get hurt in the process. But due to the massive shift in the development of newer technology, this has become a rare occurrence. Kids are born with a cell phone in their hand and an immunity towards the urge to go out and play. I feel lucky to have been born in our current time as I went through both the phases. Our generation was born when technology wasn’t that big, so we spent most of the time playing outside. But during our mid-teens, technological development started to boom. This tempted us to spend most of that time inside our homes.

One of the most loved sport by all, this was the most common game played during our childhood. Running for the ball in an open field, we would be astounded by the amount of time that would pass while playing. We would run so much that there would be holes in the soles of our shoes. Bruises were a sign of accomplishment to us, but of worry for our mothers. Some of us would even manage to play football inside the class. And the best part was that an actual football was not needed! All we needed was something that could be kicked around, a paper would do.
Yes, we still do spend a lot of time playing football, but that is mostly behind a screen playing FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). We haven’t lost the passion for the game, we just bring it out in a room with a joystick in our hands. Although the rise in playing futsal has brought more people outdoor, but it still doesn’t come close to the times of playing in an open field.


When there is very little mobility,
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The second most popular sport played outdoors was basketball. Unlike football, to play basket ball, we do need a hoop. And due to a lack of basketball courts, it was a little more exclusive game. But when not available, a dustbin would be a makeshift basket and we’d all take turns to score in paper balls. But the court had its own charm. So we would wait anxiously for our turn just to run around and get some shots in. We still do so, but on NBA 2K18. Just like FIFA, we pour out our passion behind the screen now.

Cricket was another popular sport back in the days. To play cricket, the requirements were a bat, a ball, and something to use as the wicket, making the investment a bit more than the others. Then again, schools did teach us to be creative. So, a water bottle, a pencil box, or a register as the bat would serve its purpose. The ball would be of paper as usual and the chairs would be the wickets. God times, good times…
However, the popularity of cricket is going down and there aren’t many cricket games that are as renowned as the FIFA 18 and NBA 2K18. Those that do exist are either poorly made with a sticky interface, or just aren’t heard of. There are some indoor cricket fields that have opened up in the country, but they rarely have as much occupancy as the futsal fields do; making ouor enthusiasm limited to just watching the sport on TV.


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