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TNM SPECIAL: The Ultimate Hot Dog For a Meat Lover


Do you hate vegetables? Does the thought of aborigines and broccoli repulse you? Do you want a nice meaty meal without having a searing hole in your wallet?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should definitely read on. This is truly a meat lover’s delight!

We stopped for a quick bite at Urban Foods, located at Bhatbhateni, and ordered a dish that had the most meat in it and looked to be reasonably priced: The TNM Special (Coincidence?). It did not disappoint.

A special meaty white sausage laid on a bed of bacon ups the meaty quotient of a hotdog all on its own. The keema was a very welcome added bonus. Topped off with some grilled onion, mustard and sprinkled with cheese this is a savory mammoth of a meal. Its overflowing goodness is barely contained by the fresh hotdog buns, and that’s just how we like it! Spilling over with meat!

Urban Food’s Meals on wheels are off the charts! We’ve loved them straight from the get-go and their new menu is even better. The food makes a lot of sense: cheap, fairly filling and they claim to be extremely hygienic.

Shameful self-promotion aside, we are definitely in love with this beast of a dog called the TNM Special. Other favorites of ours include their Burrito Roll and Spicy Keema Dog which we feel are worth a try. Let us know how you like it.

Location Courtesy: Urban Health & Hygenic (Meals On Wheels), Bhatbhateni, Bluebird Mart & Sherpa mall

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