With the commencing year focused on tourism development of the country, the idea of homestay not only promotes economy but also helps in better understanding of the local culture. This idea of tourist accommodation is easier for the host country not only in terms of monetary boost but also to gain recognition around the world. Homestays give much better value than hotels, helping to make that once-in-a-lifetime trip all the more affordable.

Located comfortably in the streets of Patan, Artelier Homes is a treasure trove of homestay accommodation. It is an establishment just along the path of the tourist friendly neighbourhood and majestic Patan Durbar Square. With artistic flair and bohemian allure, Artelier Homes’ first two properties are tucked away in Patan’s famed cultural district down the alley of “The Heritage walk”.

The word ‘Artelier’ is a smart amalgamation of two words ‘art’ and ‘atelier’. Atelier is a French word meaning ‘workshop’. Artelier Homes is a collection of centrally located stylish (cultured), boutique & design hubs that creatively flirt with handcrafted comforts & chilled lifestyle. Built with creativity, art and playfulness, each of the quarters are carefully collected with style and soul with a motive to promote local Nepali art and crafts to give emerging artists a platform, and uplift the local community, side by side. With this, Artelier Homes perfectly breathes meaning to its name.


The properties of Artelier Homes are very simple looking and inviting. The properties are, namely Maison Noir et Blanc (Size: 300 sq. ft/ 28 sq. m) and Casa Lineaire (Size: 200 sq. ft/ 18 sq. m). The decor of the accommodations is an embodiment of the Nepalese Artisanal and Handmade art deco & crafts. The use of minimal aesthetic & neutral colour palette to inspire feelings of peace and tranquility can be perceived as soon as one steps into the abode. Additionally, with an aim to promote the fading Nepali art and handicraft and giving aspiring artists a platform to showcase their masterpieces to local and global citizens, each of the dwellings have a theme of their own. Maison Noir et Blanc consists of black and white art which includes prints and charcoal art based on the people of Nepal. Casa Lineaire consists of Line Art based on a woman’s face and body parts.


According to Lumanti Shakya, the Founder and Curator of Artelier Homes, her vision was to introduce “Wabi-Sabi lifestyle to Nepal”. Wabi-Sabi is essentially finding beauty in imperfections, rustic ways, and humility. This can be seen in each of the properties. Maison Noir et Blanc that incorporates three serviced studio apartments, also includes a kitchenette whereas Casa Lineaire has three deluxe rooms, both holdings having a study area, an attached bathroom, covered terrace with ample seating and dining spaces of their own.

Describing the interior arrangements of Artelier Homes, it would fully be justified to call it a home away from home. The ambiance of the apartments are all devoid of glitz that normally surround us in our daily life. Artelier Homes was first curated with an aim to cater to tourists who come to Nepal for a visit, and true to its promise, each room is peaceful and unwinds any tension from its inhabitants which is why each studio apartment and deluxe rooms are bereft of television. However, there are other basic amenities provided. Shakya further mentioned that the idea was to give our guests a very familial reception into the city.


As mentioned before, the main idea of Artelier Homes is to foster Wabi Sabi lifestyle into Nepalese Hospitality. Along the lines, organic materials and elements from nature have been used as major components of the interiors. Straw slippers, singing bowls, framed quotes meant for inspiration and statues personally crafted by the leaser himself were placed in each room due to the universally good vibes they bring. The meditative mood of the rooms blanket it’s guests, which is mainly contributed by its muted colour accents and white sheets. Whether it’s during the day, when the street is filled with flutter of foreign and native feet or during the night, when tired bodies and eager eyes go to rest, Artelier Homes is an amenable set of lodgings breezing with paradox of beatnik allure and traditional anchor.

Shakya is personally involved with the adjustment of the guests along with a chef, and two other helpers who come in the day and assist around with the management. Again, a very kindred manner, it is one of the standout elements of Artelier Homes, apart from its Pinterest-esque decoration.

The location of the accommodation is one such comfort; you want to take a late-night stroll at Patan Durbar Square, you are most welcome. Every major monument as well as grocers is at a walking distance which makes the Homes desirable as well as assuring.

At daybreak, when the district gets busier, the smell of freshly made breakfast wafts through the corridors, another strong memoir of home with that sweet smile and warm greetings for the morning, it is tough to not acknowledge the domicile mellow. We were served with tea, croissant, a couple of eggs, a couple of sausages and a portion bowl of yoghurt for breakfast.


Previous evening, we had asked what Shakya had in for the future for Artelier Homes, she replied that she wanted to establish a property of Artelier Homes in each Heritage site. “I had gone to evaluate some holdings in Bhaktapur. Maybe just three rooms but I really want to branch out, which will definitely be based on art,” she added. The furniture was custom made; hand designed by Shakya herself. Every other arrangement was done under her direct involvement, which is another reason for her to be personally invested in the well-being of her guests.

Opened for accommodations only since the beginning of December, Artelier Homes is her brainchild, or to say. “European guests have loved this place”, Shakya stated. She further mentioned that her target guests are those who come to Nepal for longer stays.

In a perfection obsessed world, Artelier Homes is a venture to arouse admiration for authenticity and imperfection and completely declares its tagline “Where art meets accommodation”.


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