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We do not advocate the notion of thinner be- ing better, but when it comes to watches, thin is in. For quite some time, watches fashioned themselves on the bulkier side, ostentatious in nature with size often linked to the stature and ability of the watches.

However, the trend has slowly shifted to the oth- er side of the scale with slim watches catching stride in the fashion world. Today, watch design- ers seem to be taking cue from the gentlemen of the 20th century who sported dapper wrist wear on hands that held the finest scotches and Cubans.

Slim watches are a tribute to the art of horol- ogy. However, in order to compensate for the shrinkage in space, watch makers have come up with complicated and expensive watches. That is what we’re made to believe at least. Highbrow brands tag exorbitant prices on these minimalistic beauties, and often we’re forced to just admire it from a distance. Brathwait have turned that around.

Brathwait claim to have used the finest materi- als to give you that feeling of luxury quality, the same material that other brands use. But while others markup their prices by almost 9 times to around $500, Brathwait transparently show how they markup to just $150.

They do this by removing the middlemen, by- passing every cost increasing channel, man and woman standing in between you and the prod- uct. They sell directly to you online.

About Brathwait

The objective of Brathwait Watches is to use the same high quality materials used in those of their counterparts but maintaining honest pricing that doesn’t overcharge the consumer. Based on the principal that your average de- signer watch is marked up nine times before it reaches the consumer, Brathwait Watches decided to take a stand for their customers

and produce equally as stylish and functional timepieces but forgo passing these costs on by being an online only retailer which considerably reduces their overheads.

In a pretty novel approach, Brathwait tells you how much their watches costs to make and also mention their markup to $150. They lay out their costs: $14.50 crystal, $10.00 movement, $9.70 case, $11.25 plating, $3.75 dial, $5.80 strap. All adding up to $55.

The Watch

It is powered by a Swiss made, 6 jewel Ron- da quartz. The case is 316L stainless steel and 40mm wide, dressed up with a 6 uM thick, mirror polished rose gold plating, and topped with a domed, anti reflective sapphire crystal. The sides are bowed in a shallow angle from the small case back to meet the edge of the broad bezel. In profile, the arc of the case and the dome of the crystal create a saucer shape that further diminishes the watch’s already svelte 7.5mm profile. There is so little flat area on the sides that the crown stem must be housed in small protuberance off the underside of the case. Its slim lugs do not taper, but curve downwards and their corners and edges are rounded. Taken

together, it is a soft, yet structured design. The size and proportions are well suited for either dress or casual wear.

The dial is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. It is a clean layout. The applied baton markers are long enough to balance the open space at the dial’s center, and tall enough to stand proud of the dial’s surface. A printed index rings the outer edge. The hands and markers are rose gold plat- ed and polished, except for a bright red second hand. The dauphine hands are peaked, adding yet another subtle dimension. The only text is the Brathwait brand printed in an unobtrusive, sans serif typeface. The rose gold metal and red accent mellows what might otherwise have been a cold, white dial. The result is contemporary and sleek, but also warm and inviting.

Strap width is 20mm, and Brathwait offers sev- eral to choose from, including a light brown Italian calf two piece with white stitching, and three NATOs in Azure, Verdant, and Bordeaux, each with a fine red center stripe. The NATOs have the secondary strap and squared hard- ware, but also a broad nylon keeper like an RAF design.


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