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We know what we should do in bed, or at least most of us think we do. However, sometimes we’re doing something completely wrong and we’re oblivious about it. And it’s annoying her to no ends. Here are a few things you should keep in mind

1. Skip Foreplay

This cannot be emphasized enough, foreplay is extremely important when it comes to pleasuring your partner. Spend some quality time to in getting her engine heated up. Think of it this way, would you drive you car without warming it up to its normal temperature on cold mornings?

2. Act like a Pornstar

First off, we really shouldn’t kid ourselves. What they do in porn movies is far from what your girlfriend or wife would want. Using her like a piece of meat and telling her she’s a filthy… well, that’s not going to get you any points in bed (exceptions may apply). You’re making love, not auditioning for ‘Filthy Ass Pirates 2’.

3. Being too timid

There’s gentle love making and then there’s boring love making. If you’ve made your commitment to be with the same woman (good for you), you need to make an effort to keep things lively. You don’t want to come off as a bore by being too timid. Don’t be afraid to take charge from time to time.

4. Ask Her to put the condom on you

It’s funny how people seem to see this as some sexy act. You’ve set the mood, rose petals on the bed, Marvin Gaye playing on the stereo, you ask her to put it on you… and she’s struggling to get the condom on you for the next five minutes. You’re just standing there waiting with your hands on your hips… aaand now she’s put it on backwards. It’s your monkey, cover it yourself. Also, it is your job to dispose of it after the deed.

5. Going over board

It is a good idea to try to spice up your sex life from time to time, but try not to go overboard. Don’t spank her so hard that she wants to turn around and punch you in your face. And don’t try to stick as many fingers in her as you can. She’s not a glove.

6. Slacking on the Grooming and Cleanliness

Many men make the mistake of neglecting their grooming rituals once they’ve hit the ultra-comfort zone with their partners. Avoid this at all cost. Firstly, it is always a good habit to keep clean. Secondly, you might make her feel taken for granted. Thirdly, you might not get all the benefits you could get if you’re nice and clean… if you get our drift.

7. The head push

She knows you want her to go down on you; you don’t have to push her head on it. However, once into the process, you can feel free to hold her head and maybe even go a step further and guide her. Of course that also depends on her liking.

8. Just Because You Finished First Doesn’t Mean It’s Over

Sex is NOT a race and just because you finished first does not make you the winner. It is quite the opposite in many cases. It’s just plain selfish. If you happen to finish first, which you will on many occasions, do your part to get her over the finish line too.

9. Biting her nipple

Don’t chomp down on her nipple like you’re trying to open a jello pack. Nipples are highly sensitive. They can’t stand up to chewing. Lick and suck them gently. Flicking your tongue across them is good. Pretending they’re a doggie toy isn’t.

10. Ask if she came

If you have to ask her if she came, you might as well assume she didn’t. Asking her if she came is rude and might make it seem like you’re rushing her. Ask her if she had fun, or if she liked it. In case her answers are a little unenthusiastic, get back to work.

11. Undressing her prematurely

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid doing anything “prematurely” between the sheets. She will have put on a lot of thought into that skimpy lingerie she’s wearing for you. Admire it, tell her she looks beautiful. Undress her slowly, reap the rewards.

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