15 things to do on a nepal bandh: Let’s make the most out of the forced holiday


For us Nepalese citizens, bandhs or strikes have become an inevitable part of our life. It is now practically a part of our culture and we tend to have more bandhs than public holidays. Let’s not really dwell on the downsides of public strikes, as there are far too many and it’s frequently talked about too. Now, since there is very little that we individually can do to call off a bandh, how about not letting a day of strike go astray and doing something interactive for ourselves? Well, if you still insist in taking on the rowdy protest activists and opening up the roads, we fear that this content might not really be the best of your interests. But we do commend your noble thoughts. Nevertheless, a friendly word of caution, as you might want to refer to this list

So, on a light note, here are 15 things that we think you could do to get through a Nepal Bandha:

  1. CYCLE

Stretch your muscles, grab a bottle of Glucose, throw on a sun cap (more preferably a helmet) and go cycling. Not only is it a good form of exercise, bandhs are one of the few days when the roads are safe and clear of idiots on bigger set of wheels. Just be weary of ambulances or security vehicles that will occasionally come flying out of nowhere. Or cycle around the valley and discover some amazing trails.


If you are energetic enough to wake up at the wee hours of the morning, you could indulge in some off-road activities outside of the city with your motorcycle or a capable 4X4 SUV. A good off road patch to cook up a crazy adventure is never too far away from the city. But make sure that you time yourself well enough to leave before the bandh activities starts and return when things simmer down.


In case of a confirmed strike, take your family to a nice resort out of the valley the night before and enjoy some quality family time. There won’t be many better chances to spend time with your family, especially if you are one of those who are swamped with work every day of the week. Make the best of the bandh.


If you don’t have plans to head anywhere, gather friends/family and catch up over a few pegs or bottles of your favourite drink with a barbeque or momo party to boot. There really is nothing more filling than munching on a well done pork barbeque and drinking up without any worries. Plan things prior to the last minute and you have a whole day to unwind. Just make sure you aren’t seen on the news, dead drunk and making a fool of yourself in the open streets.


Yeah, gambling is illegal, immoral and blah blah. But what else can you do on a bandh? Hours will easily go by flying when you play cards or Langur- Burja. Of course, if you are into it that is. Or you could even place bets over a session of your favourite video games or a live sports event going on somewhere. But don’t end up burning a huge hole in your pocket or end up putting your house at stake.


All of us definitely have quite a few movies that we have always wanted to watch, but never could find the time to do so. So dig up your hard drive, DVD’s or get the torrent running, grab some food and sit down for a movie marathon.

There won’t be many better chances to spend time with your family, especially if you are one of those who are swamped with work every day of the week.


You may be the worst living person in the face of the earth, but your pet will always think you are the greatest one in the world. So clean up your pet, pamper him/her and take time out to play together.


Take out the old family album and look through the old photographs. A little nostalgia easily gives you that good feeling inside. And you get to poke fun at your dad’s bell bottom pants and walrus-stache or tease the naked cousin.


Get back to the good old habit of reading or give it a try if you have never read a novel before. Reading books can be highly inspirational and be a time truly well spent.


Dust off your gaming console and grab hold of the controller. There is no better to sit back and kick around with the Messi and the rest of the squad or imagine yourself as a highly skilled marksman.


Scourge the internet for some delicious recipes and try cooking up something nice for your wife, girlfriend, family or friends. If you’re not the greatest cook or have hardly hung around the kitchen, make sure you have something ready-to-eat to be served as a backup.


Take a close look at your vehicle. Notice the dirt? So give your vehicle a nice wash, get that coat of muck out, and polish up both the exteriors and the interiors. Or clean up and organize your room. And have you ever tried washing your shoes? Scrub off all the filth, dry it in the sun and experience the awesome feeling of putting on a clean pair of white sneakers.


This is to be undertaken at your risk. Join the protesters and go about shouting jindabaad and murdabaad like a mad man. Just make sure that you are expressing the right statement with the right crowd. You may not be genuinely protesting anything at all, but what the heck! Take the chance to experience being a part of a protest. But give the sandals a skip and put on some running shoes for an efficient disappearing act when the cops come charging with the batons.


Not that we don’t spend time on FaceBook on a daily basis. But some of us still can’t get enough of FaceBook. So login, post random status updates, upload photos, share stuffs, stalk other people’s profile or indulge in whatever that you do. Time will just fly by!


Act like some wanna-be gangster and start walking in the middle of the road without a care in the world. If you can pull it off, dress up like a Don and have some of your friends walk beside you, acting like your accomplishes in crime. But don’t do that any other day; otherwise the doctors will have to pry you and your crew’s teeth off the tarmac.


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