8 Things you can learn from Prabal Gurung

IMG_5141Prabal Gurung strives in the hustle of New York City, excels at what he does and is recognized as one of the best fashion designers in the world; but he still revels in the joys of dining in his Mua’s kitchen. There have been several (many) cases where even mediocre success overseas has disillusioned people to their motherland; Prabal Gurung, however, stands apart. His work and talent has propelled him to super stardom and the fashion designer is a globally known face.

Behind the glitz and glamour, Prabal remains true to his roots. He has always owed his success to the love and support of his mother and family. Prabal is who he is today because of his mother, who he considers his hero.

During his recent visit to Nepal he sat in for an interview with Anil Shah in an event organized by the ‘Ma Movement’ where he talked about his struggles and his journey to being the man he is today.

The audience had the opportunity to ask him questions which Prabal answered duly. Despite his awe inspiring presence, he has a way of ensuring his personality does not come off as intimidating. Possessing a lovable concoction of wit and humor he emits a heart-warming energy that has undeniable sincerity.

Fame and fortune come to people who work hard and with passion; Prabal’s case isn’t any different. His diligence and sincerity have been a crucial aspect to his success and in many ways helped him stay humble for someone with his list of achievements. The quintessence of how a human being should be regardless of nationality or profession Gurung is an inspiration to all.

In order to give back to the community, he works hand in hand with the Shikshya Foundation to relentlessly work for the betterment of society.

There are days when he doubts himself too; after all he is only human. During those days he uses the karaoke machine in his house to sing and dance his doubts away to Bollywood songs.

Listening in on his talk at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture was a splendid experience where we picked up a few life lessons from the man himself.

1. On Acceptance

Prabal Gurung had his share of struggles, especially when it came to being accepted for who he was before he got famous. “When you are constantly told that you are different and people around you do not understand who you are or why you are the way you are, you have two options. One of them is depression, which I was fortunately able to avoid because I was too busy watching Bollywood movies. The other option was realizing it is what it is and people are telling me that I am different and I am going to make that an asset. I am different and I am going to do things differently.”

2. On Gratitude

Life hits you with a curve ball from time to time, and it is important that you make it a point to learn from these obstacles. “Thank god I went through challenging times because it taught me how the real world works, and it isn’t a walk in the park.”


3. On Belief

“I really truly believe if you single mindedly focus on something and want it enough, it will happen for you.”

4. On Individuality

“Yes, you can admire someone’s career and be inspired by their passion and journey but you have to be very clear about who you are and the kind of path you want. Everyone’s path is not the same. If you follow the same path as the others and it fails or it does not work for you; you start getting bitter. You have to make your own path.”

5. On questions and life

I am someone who is unafraid to ask for help. What’s the worst that could happen? Helping anyone in a time of need is a privilege. Worst come worse, they will say no and you will move on .Life is not that complicated.”


6. On the importance of a Guru

“You need to have a sister, a brother, a mother or a mentor who you can talk things out with. You can’t solve everything on your own.”

7. On Passion

“I never pursued money. When you do things that you’re passionate about, money just follows. If they ever write about fashion, all I want is a paragraph in it.”

8. On Elegance

“There were dire, desperate situations but grace under pressure that has been my mantra since day one.”

13015122_953545501407756_7369324098907991529_nMa movement was initiated by Mr.Anil Keshary Shah to encourage individiuality amongst the youth.The movement is well known for the motivational events that it conducts where Mr.Shah facilitates speakers from different backgrounds to come and share their story to inspire the youth in a common platform

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