Sociologists define Family as the intimate domestic group made up of people related to one another by the bonds of blood, mating, and legal ties. In this regard, a group of two individuals and their child is the most basic form of family. Then, the parents of those individuals living under the same roof as theirs would make it a bit more complex. These two forms of family are the ones we’re all used to and even live with.

But that’s not the case for ACE Hotels.


On 11th October, 2018, they invited us over to Hotel Ambassador for their Annual Business Partners’ Appreciation Dinner, just to say one thing: “We value the people we work with. To us, they are not just clients or customers, but partners. And by extension, family.”

These are the words of Mrs. Parmita Sakya Shrestha, the Director of ACE Hotels, who graciously extended this invitation towards us, keeping their tradition of the sense of family and belonging very well and alive. And it is not just her or the ACE Hotels who feel this. The following are a few with whom we had a chat to know how their experience with ACE has been.


NEHA AMATYA – Kora Tours
I too am in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, and despite me having only a few years of experience, I can confidently say that our working experience with ACE Hotels has been unmatched. All of our guests look forward to staying over at Hotel Ambassador and especially at Club Himalaya. We have guests that only want to stay at Club Himalaya because of the view, location, and above all, the service they are provided with. And it all comes to us with no surprise as they are consistent with their hospitality and keep upgrading their services. They really do value the mutual understanding between the ones they work with.


We have been working with ACE Hotels for a long time now by providing them with the soft furnishings such as the mattresses, laminate floorings, corridor carpets, curtains and so on, and we give them nothing but the best as they too believe that their guests should receive nothing but the best. So far, they have kept this belief alive with no intentions of letting it down in the future as they are growing by the day.


When a business is managed by a family, it is different. That professional touch is accompanied by a personal touch, and my in experience, that has proven to be a strong factor. All of my clients look forward to be hosted by them. And I really do think that the food here is great, the rooms are that of 5 star categories at a reasonable price, and the location is just perfect.


All we can say is that we couldn’t agree more with them, and with everyone present that night. A strong sense of kin hung in the air and worked magically to amplify the hospitality extended by ACE Hotels. Their passion for what they do and the appreciation for those they work with has made them unparalleled in our eyes. We look forward to work with them again in the coming days.


Words by Nirveek PPJ Shah | photos by Gaurav Xhompate Sunuwar

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