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Large or small, a walk-in closet is a room all its own. A high-quality door and drawers, installed accessories, finishes, lighting, and layout options create a custom-designed and organized space that is a joy to use every day.

A sophisticated gentleman’s closet should be infused with functionality and style. A change in your environment could possibly change your habits, and hence your life. Besides, the abundance of storage space that comes with a well customized walk-in closet makes disorganization seem impossible.


* Lots of wood, usually dark wood.

* Tie rack.

* Belt rack.

* Plenty of half-length hanging areas for suits (men don’t need the full length nearly as much as women do for their dresses).

* Wrist watch and cufflink tray.

* Gadget tray (every man would love a proper tray for all their tech with decent cord storage and organization).

* Shoe storage (maybe) and

* Drawers and floating shelves for folded shirts.

* A center island, a bench seating area, or deep drawers.


The masculine vibe in a man’s walk-in-closet is not given by the clothes themselves, but by a magical mix of materials, colors, textures, light and creative vision. It’s easy to think of a man’s closet in natural colors or dark hues, but sometimes this space is revived with vivid colors.amansclosetSMART SEATING ARRANGEMENTS:

Choosing an ottoman with internal storage is a smart move in a small wardrobe and an option in large closets – just one detail and everything looks more interesting.amanscloset1SPARE ROOM TO SPACIOUS WARDROBE:

What was once a spare room can become a brightly lit walk-in-closet. Customization is the perfect solution when you want the walk-in-closet to suit your personal needs and store your clothes and accessories in style.amanscloset2FUNCTIONAL LIGHT & ARTIFICIAL LIGHT CREATING A SPECIAL MOOD:

Light is of utmost importance in a walk-in-wardrobe – Lighting within a walk-in closet increases functionality and dramatically enhances the aesthetic of a simple design. From spotlights over display shelves to a lighted shoe closet, lighting can transform a spacious closet into a personal boutique. Natural light should flood every gentleman’s wardrobe just to make sure you choose the right colors, textures and accessories. If windows are not present, a skylight can shine some light on your fashion collections. Whereas, artificial downlight clothes rods are a great idea for spaces lacking natural light.amanscloset3FLOOR-TO-CEILING SHELVING :

A spacious walk-in-closet with floor-to-ceiling shelving in light colors is always the best option to work with. Even if no details are shockingly intriguing, the overall appearance predicts a high functionality. If you have more accessories like handbags, belts, scarves, hats, and seasonal items, a simple closet just won’t do. Organization is key here, so before starting to build your dream walk-in-closet, you must assess your belongings.amanscloset4SOLID WOOD CABINETRY AND VIVID COLORS:

A solid wood closet is the classic way of displaying clothes and accessories, and modern versions of masculine walk-in-closets are customized to the owner’s needs. Updating this space might require just a splash of color and adding a modern chair to the mix increases functionality.amanscloset5MIRRORED DOORS & CLOSETS:

Mirrored closet doors are the perfect way to visually enlarge a space, bring in more light and offer a break from the design monotony. A man’s closet has fewer types of items than a woman’s closet and also differs in length necessary for the construction of each storing element. But customization could leave you with a stunning gentleman’s walk-in-closet.amanscloset6


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