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You might have the clothes and the watch, you might even have the swanky sports car.

Your Bachelor Pad says a lot about you and your personality. You might have the clothes and the watch, you might even have the swanky sports car, but if your “fortress of solitude” isn’t a place you can be proud of, then you need to rethink your décor. It might be time to update your digs and create your own oasis where the guys can hang out and the women in your life can relax.

This issue we give you a little taste of going “Modern Minimalist”.

The best solution when it comes to keeping it modern yet minimalist is to stick with clean lines, no ruffles, no unnecessary decorations & no useless features. Don’t be afraid to downsize some pieces and go over-the-top with others. Keeping in mind the functionality, only include in the décor, the elements that suit your need and preference and chuck the rest.



Shraddha Singh,


In Your Space Interior Design

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