Brand bucket has been in the trader’s business since a year and now they have introduced a new brand to the Nepalese market –“Pee Safe”. Pee Safe is a hygiene brand that has a range of products which all collectively contribute towards maintaining bodily and environment cleanness, with a special focus on women. The proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” best describes the origin story of “Pee Safe”. The Founder/ of the said brand, Mr. Vikas Bagaria felt the need of coming up with a sanitation oriented product when his wife suffered from UTI during a road trip. That’s how Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer came into existence. Since then, Pee Safe has a range of products which includes almost everything directed towards sanitation.

For this issue, our team sat down to talk with the Brand Bucket which earlier were the distributors of Vivo Mobile phones and now the sole importers/distributers of “Pee Safe”. We asked Mr. Rajat Sarawagi, COO of Brand Bucket what this product was about and this is what he replied –

“Pee Safe is an all Ayurveda based hygiene product targeting women. It is meant for users to be clean and free of germs at all times. Initially, only Toilet Seat Sanitizers were available but now we have many other hygiene products such as intimate wash, intimate wipes, panty liners, cramp relief roll on, maternity pads, mosquito body-spray, patches and roll on, antipollution face mist, etc. The main point here is, all of them are alcohol free. Nepalese market already has a lot of sanitizers and cleansers but they contain certain amount of alcohol in them. It’s not safe for doctors and kids to use it. But there was hardly any choice for it. But now that, we have now introduced the users with this particular brand, Pee Safe that uses zero amount of alcohol in it which makes it safe for usage.”


Pee Safe, which is a brand name as well as one of the production range within itself, has products such as Toilet Seat Sanitizer available in three different sizes (3 sizes, 50 ml, 75 ml and 300ml) and fragrances, Hand Sanitizers in a Pocket Spray size, etc. The working mechanism of the Toilet Seat Sanitizer is pretty simple –spray on the toilet seat and in 10 seconds, the spritzed liquid would dry, disinfecting the area. There are Menstrual Cups, Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Period Care Pack, Cramp Relief Roll-on, Sweat Pads, etc. Pee Safe also recently launched Biodegradable Sanitary Pads. All of these products can be divided into four different ranges –Pee Safe, Mosquito Safe, Palm Safe and Pollution Safe. These are all meant to be in Pee Safe Range. The Mosquito Safe Range has Body Spray, Patches and Roll-on as mosquito repellent. The Palm Range has Spray and Foam for hand sanitization and Pollution Safe has Anti-Pollution Face Mist. Brand Bucket imports these products to the market. Much of the products falling under the Pee Safe category aren’t much use to men but for women, it comes handy the minute they step out of their comfort of home.


How safe all of this is, we asked and Mr. Sarawagi assured its all Ayurvedic. “Every ingredient used here is Ayurvedic –none artificial whatsoever.” The products have “Satva Pudina” and “Eucalyptus Oil” which are known to relief pain in moments without any side effects. The Anti-Pollution Face Mist has Aloe-Vera which contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, and it is highly anti-inflammatory, meaning suitable to all skin types. “The response from the people has been overwhelming”, remarked Mr. Sarawagi. “We get a bunch of orders from people all over the place and that definitely means the products are impactful.” Brand Bucket is in the awareness phase of the company. It is task for Brand Bucket team to make people known to the sanitation brand, Pee Safe and its goodness. While all these items are readily available in the other part of the world. But in Nepal, it is much of a new practice. It is their (Brand Bucket) responsibility to make people understand why and how products like sweat pads are important for men and women; to make them internalize the concept of corporate environment and how it is not the etiquette to have stains of sweat in armpit. Sure enough, most of the products like hand sanitizers, face mist are available but Pee Safe offers something better –all natural and health friendly. And most importantly, the products are safe for kids due its alcohol-free content.


Talking about goal, Pee Safe has had a major goal and that was to create an ecofriendly comfort. All of the production from Pee Safe are OTC products, which serves to fulfilling another purpose and that is to make it easily accessible. Pee Safe as the manufacturer and Brand Bucket as the importer, collectively have brought forth a new era in cleanliness. It is an advanced living standard in terms of health and hygiene which is also accessible easily. In other words, its empowerment for women by making their routine effortless. Not only does Pee Safe go for manufacturing innovative ideas like Toilet Seat Sanitizers but also takes feedbacks from users and works on it.


Brand Bucket has been able to sell Pee Safe products in Kathmandu, Pokahara, Narayanghat, Hetauda etc. through web portals and Facebook page but they do have plans to expand the coverage in coming years. “We tie up with online shopping sites like Daraz, EPharmacy, and Smart Doko and sell our products. We mainly focus on social media marketing at the moment. We might take out ads on papers but that’s for the future. Through social media we have been able to outreach a lot of customers and that’s a good thing because the more people are aware about this product, the more we can contribute to sustainable environment. It’s just millennials now who are keen about Pee Safe products but we are pretty sure older generation will also get the hang of it because ultimately it’s about hygiene.”




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