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Leather exudes royalty, class and to a certain extent- a masculine magnificence that no other fabric can imitate. Leather furniture often helps transcend these qualities onto a space, providing the much sought after elegance and sophistication. Owning a genuine leather piece will take the appeal of your abode up a few notches.

Decorating your space can be a vast area to explore and hence there can be many areas in the house to have a classy corner with some sleek polished leather furniture and accessories complementing it to create an elegant environment. For example, reading corners are very popular. Lots of people choose to have such a space because they enjoy having a comfortable and cozy space where they can sit, read a good book, maybe even listen to some soothing music.



If you like reading, chances are, you have a collection of good reads stacked up on a shelf or a personal library. Try bringing an artsy blend of element to the reader’s corner in your house. Create an inviting space/ corner fit for a quite round of reading with a plush leather chair accessorized with an ottoman, a reading lamp and a little side console. That’s all you need to add that extra flavor for the love of reading. If not for anything else, this investment is worth the money for the aesthetic it brings to your space.




When it comes to comfort, leather furniture takes the cake. It’s versatile, comfortable and durable! So whether you adore that antiqued, aged look or a sleek and modern look, you’re sure to find leather pieces that will fit your life and your style. Leather-upholstered chairs trimmed in rich wood with some designer craftsmanship are best suited for solo reading corner décor.



A well-placed leather bench, ottoman or stool along with your chair can enhance the aesthetics of your space to a great deal. Other than just being a visual treat, it serves to comfort and relax to its best. Imagine kicking back on a plush sofa comfortably, resting your feet up on the ottoman. Wouldn’t that be a great way to spend your time with your book, or better yet a glass of whisky and a cigar? Also, you can also have a space- saving, multi-purpose ottoman, which can be used as storage, extra seating or as a coffee table.


Bold Design Elements

  • Create the focal point of a room, to invite order and comfort
  • Leather accent chair with edgy detailing – nail head trim screams lavish.
  • Ottoman originally intended to be a footrest could also be partnered with a tray making it a modern coffee or side table.
  • Lighting should be ideal for reading – consider it a must-have. Create the perfect lighting environment with a well-designed floor lamp placed aside your reading chair. Other than just serving the purpose of a visual treat, this will help in creating depth and tones to vary the light that illuminates the room.
  • Combine functions: Try using dark-stained wooden side consoles to accessorize and complement your leather chair
  • If you have a dark corner in mind to set up your reading area then experiment with some mood lighting to generate a more mysterious feel.
  • Opt for a bookrack that has the minimalist of design to it, and which allows the actual books to stand out.
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