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Half of your childhood you spend on making it through the dreaded iron gate, doing your best to commemorate your 10 years of schooling. Then, without missing a beat, you choose a stream on

which you want to continue your edu- cation: commerce, science, arts? Then you’re lulled into college where the prospects of obtaining a degree are blown to proportions of grandeur. So much so, that more often than not, ev- erything else one requires to step up on the ladder of success is overlooked.

It’s all a blur of assignments and exams before you ultimately find yourself stranded and confused. What next? So, it’s always a good to have your extra set of skills brandished and ready for use. But before we get to that, it is important to first clear your mind of negativity. With nega- tive vibes in and around you, you are bound to find yourself staring at the ceiling thinking about your failure for months even after graduation (may be years as well). Clear your mind of the negativity. Go get a motivation- al tattoo inked into your skin if you must… well, maybe not.

After releasing yourself with all the negative vibes, take a fresh note book and a pen. Jot down your interests, skills, wants, and most importantly focus on what makes you happy. Then prepare a handsome CV, because that is what represents you on paper. It is important to come out your best, be careful while choosing your words. Also, you can try changing your CV according to the requirements of the company you are applying to. A differ- ent approach might just be the oomph factor that will seal you the deal.

Even with a college degree, positive attitude and a boast worthy CV, you still are not guaranteed a fat pay check. Some shrug it off and per- severe, but others tend to take it a little too hard on themselves. Depres- sion and frustrations also make their nasty heads visible. In case you find yourself down and out, the best bet is to get back up, dust yourself off and keep at it.

Even with a college degree, positive attitude and a boast worthy CV, you still are not guaranteed a fat pay check.

Skills: Something that was not in the syllabus Remember it’s never wrong investing your time in garnering and honing your skills, you never know when and where these skills will come in handy. Having practical skills is like creating your own tool box. As a fresh college graduate, you have a whole life ahead of you so investing some- time in sharpening any sort of skill is always a good idea. Make learning a part of your life.

1. Creative writing: Adding this skill in your CV will always add volume to it. Try enrolling yourself in workshops related to writing. Writing skills, cor- rect usage of words and idioms along with proper grammar work wonders for you in the real world.

2. Speaking: Verbal communication skill is a must in the 21st century. Be- fore going for an interview try know- ing as much as you can about the com- pany or the field that you have applied to, because you will be weaving a web of words soon. Lure them with your words, hypnotize them because that may be what will set you apart from the competition. Make each interview memorable for you as well as for the one taking the interview.

Having a college education is certainly valuable in many facets of life, but you shouldn’t stop learning once you’ve left campus.

3. Groom: The importance of proper grooming cannot be stressed enough. They say you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but a presentable appearance wins you half the battle.

4. Be tech savvy: No more scrambling for a news paper and a highlighter. Job boards and classified ads place has been taken over by LinkedIn pro- files and online networking. Many employers’ look through candidates’ social media profiles and what they see could be the difference between a call-back and a rejection letter. This goes beyond having tasteful photos on Facebook. Employers want to see social profiles that show you’re an informed citizen who contributes to your online community in a meaning- ful way, with engaged followers. So be

careful with what you post and what you write on your social site.

5. Learn a foreign language: When comparing your application to anoth- er candidate’s, knowing another lan- guage could be a determining factor. It’s always good to know an extra lan- guage, even Hindi counts if you can hold out a conversation in the dialect with ease. Sometimes, simply reveal- ing that you are attending classes to learn a new language is enough to make you the more appealing choice. If nothing else, it shows you are in- vested in bettering yourself.

Having a college education is cer- tainly valuable in many facets of life, but you shouldn’t stop learning once you’ve left campus. Make sure you have a well-rounded resume and hopefully, before too long, you’ll have your very own desk in an office to go with it.


1. Keep an one arm dis- tance from negativity; it never has a good side to it.

2.Keep your priorities straight, remember, a missed Premier League match is better than a passed opportunity of employment.

3. Keep updating your CV; remember who you will be working for and what they will be seeking from you. Keeping that in mind, it should take minimal time for you to make changes.

4. Learn to be punctual. If you are called for an inter- view at 10:00am try reach- ing early, you never know they may be impressed with your timing.

5. If you have nothing to do and if you feel pathetic, practice talking to yourself in the mirror. Who better to talk to when no one is around than you? It’s a very good technique for those who are shy speaking to a stranger. Just look at the mirror and talk your way out.

Life can be difficult after col- lege, and finding a job can be a pain. However, measured actions and strategies will make everything fall into place and if it doesn’t you can always try harder. If

you want success there is no other way than giving your best.

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