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  1. Sex is the safest anti-depressant in the world. It is 10 times more effective than valium. So I suggest before you get your partner to get treated for any anxiety disorder, alcohol withdrawal symptoms or muscle spasms, please try a home remedy. This way you’ll save a lot of money and enjoy your therapy sessions.
  2. At any given time, about 5000 people are having sex around the world. So next time if you suspect the mouse making squeaking sounds or any sort of sounds that you can’t explain, remember to check in with your neighbor before concluding it to extra-terrestrial or supernatural forces (Knock first).
  3. An average man has 10 erections during his sleep. No, don’t get me wrong this doesn’t really mean that he is living his fantasy in his dreams. Rather, it is because the blood flows to the man’s penis when he’s asleep hence, causing an erection. I’m sorry ladies; you weren’t the reason this time around.
  4. The majority of women experience a peak in libido just before their period. Well I can’t really say much more on this. You just shut up and get to work.
  5. Kissing can aid in reducing tooth decay. While it’s been widely said that kissing can lead to transmission of bacteria, a healthy kissing relation with your partner can really help you with your smile. So next time, before you change your tooth paste or tooth brush I advise you to take into consideration the power of kissing.
  6. The average frequency of sex is two times per week. If you’re getting action any more than that touché my friend.
  7. Heavier men last longer in bed. Forget all the weights; get me some momos and pizzas. A yearlong research in Turkey suggested that heavier men lasted an average of 7.3 minute whereas the slender men last only an average of 108 seconds (approximately 2 minutes). Where do we eat tonight?
  8. Men think about sex around 19 times a day and women amazingly 10 times. So it’s not really as bad as women make it sound like. So enjoy your thoughts and you and your partner’s thoughts might just coincide.
  9. Women’s breast can swell up to 25% when she’s aroused, making them super sensitive. Really? It’s been said over and over again that size doesn’t matter. It’s not just men who can bulge up when aroused. Please don’t really get down with a measuring tape, just enjoy the moment.
  10. The average speed of a guy’s ejaculation is 45km/hr. I see! That’s why men like fast cars. I guess speed it’s just “in” them.
  11. Sex during a women’s period can ease menstrual cramps. Now we know how to help our partner when she is having cramps and mood swings. We just do what we love doing and help her out as well. Of course, this time around it’s not just for you, but it’s for her sake and cramps because you don’t want her to go through it. ;)
  12. Smoking can reduce the size of your junk by up to 1cm, time to kick the butt. If you don’t care about your lungs, at least do it for the little guy.
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