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If you paid attention in your grade 4th Social Studies class, you should be familiar with the name Arniko. If you did not, we are talking about the man, the myth, the legend; Arniko. Well, not really a myth because he did exist and he certainly was a man, and undeniably a legend. Why else would a whole highway be named after him, right? He was a key national figure who made a big name for himself in Nepal and even in India and China by his works in the field of Art and Architecture. Now, we’ll spare you the history of this great man and divert your attention to a great company by the same name.

Arniko Products has been doing what they have been doing since 2007. They started out with producing handmade wooden skateboards and now they have added clothing into their impressive catalogue. These garments are made in Nepal and India and ship internationally to Switzerland. Domestically, they have an outlet at RS Moto, Gahana Pokhari, Kathmandu. We here at TNM love the style of these clothes and have put together 2 outfits along with a few other products they showcase, keeping the fall season in mind.


For the time when it’s a bit overcast, a jacket works wonders. The club collar shirt will make you look put together and honestly, one can never go wrong with well fitting denim. The shoes are in the same collar pallet to insure you stand out and look cool. And to top it off, a beachy hat to make you nostalgic of the summer days. The beard oil and hair pomade will make sure that the head the people see is an admirable example of a gentleman’s head.

Jacket: 8000

Shirt: 3000

Jeans: 4500

Hair Pomade (Macho Beard Company): Price on Request

Beard Oil (Macho Beard Company): Price on Request

Cap (Alias One): 4500

Shoes (Piola): 11000


Fall’s here so it’s a good idea to break out the warmer clothes. The perfect top for years has been the sweatshirt and this example with the nice dhaka pocket detail reminds us of our Nepalese roots. Any wearer will be warm and proud. You’re warm on the tops but you still need to have that element of cool. That’s where the pants come it with it’s vibrant color. This outfit was put together for the casual man about town. The shoes will help you walk your stylish walk while the backpack will store the things you come across on that stylish walk. If you’re in the cruising mood, Arniko’s best know for their handmade skateboards. Take a shower with the soap and you’re sure to turn heads with your manly musk and when they land their eyes on the hat, it’ll be the cherry on the top.

Sweatshirt: 3500

Pants: 2000

Backpack: 11000

Board: 12000

Shoes (Maverick): 3000

Cap (The Quiet Life): Price on Request

Soap (Macho Beard Company): Price on Request


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