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Battling Acne: Prevention and Remedies


Acne made your life miserable when puberty struck, but you were promised it would go away with time. But you’re already in your late 20’s (or older) and your skin still looks like a page from the Braille edition of Playboy Magazine. Adult acne is a very common problem. Here is Easy Cut’s take on its remedies.

One of the most important things in making or breaking your look is good skin quality. Everyone prefers good flawless skin, but not everyone is blessed with amazing genes. However there is no need to panic because a little extra care can bless us all with flawless skin! Acne is a common problem that plagues a lot of people. While there are products available in the market to alleviate acne a few household remedies and timely trips to the salon might be the most natural and effective remedy.

List of remedies for Acne:
1. A Fruity Solution
Do you like to relish on seasonal fruits? The beauty benefits of fruits like mango, guava and papaya go beyond consumption. In addition to its delicious taste, these fruits are really good for your skin.

a. Use a blender to create a mixture of either one of the fruits and apply it on your clean face as a face mask.
b. Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes and thoroughly rinse your face. This will improve the overall texture of your skin by helping alleviate acne and blemishes. The antioxidant properties of the fruit will not only improve the texture of your skin, but also your overall well being.

2. Get your H2O
The simplest and often over looked aspect in the hustle and bustle of daily life is the amount of water consumed. Consuming roughly a glass of water during each waking hour is a good rule of thumb to follow. This will
help wash off the possible impurities in your system and limit acne and blemishes.
a. Another beneficial practice is to steam your face. This will open up your pores.
b. Then gently dab dry your face.
c. Always follow a facial steam with exfoliation or face mask.
d. Lastly always remember to wash your face every night before bed to wash away all the dust and dirt gathered on your face.

3. Do you exfoliate?
Exfoliating your skin occasionally is a good ritual to scrub off all the impurities from your skin and to get rid
of dead cells. In the process of exfoliation, you will get rid of dirt residue on your face that remains even after regular skin care rituals such as washing your face.

a. For a facial exfoliation create a mixture of lemon juice and sugar and gently scrub your face
b. Remember to avoid scrubbing eyelids, and thoroughly rinse your face after exfoliation.
c. After exfoliation, use rose water as a natural toner and rinse your face again.

Beyond this if you still notice acne on your skin, make sure you limit your consumption of oily food and wash
your hair regularly to avoid excessive natural oils from triggering acne. Along with all these skin care regimes, it is important to take care of your skin and keep it fresh and hydrated on the whole. In addition to keeping your face clean, regular trips to your nearest Easy Cuts for facials is a good way to maintain good skin care and avoid breakouts and acne. After all this, if you still see a pimple appear when you wake up in the morning then apply a little bit of toothpaste to let it dry out; however remember to wash off the toothpaste before leaving your house!

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