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Unlike the stack-em-high, sell-em-low mantra of the high street, you don’t buy a watch on impulse. Whether it’s Swiss made or built in Stoke, anything handcrafted, from minuscule cogs, is going to hit your bank balance hard.

Which means that, unlike your t-shirt rotation, it’s unlikely you switch watches every day. But precisely, like your t-shirt rotation, one style won’t work everywhere. So you need a budget friendly way to switch up what’s strapped to your wrist. Or, even better what straps it to your wrist.

Simply swapping out a watch strap can transform its look, breathing new life into a piece you’ve had for years or dialing up and down the formality of a new purchase. “Today, much of the expense of having a sports, an everyday and a dress watch can be avoided just by switching out the watch band,” says Tracey Llewellyn, editor-in-chief of watch bible Revolution UK. Even the big brands are jumping on the gravy train of ‘new strap, new look’ and , if you are looking for something with a top notch which is not so expensive and is within your budget limit then, GURKHA Watch is just for you.

Before going deep into the specifications and features of the watch, let’s look at the history of how they began.

Founded on 2013 “Gurkha Jewellers & Bullion ” is one of the retail jewelers and bar dealer in Hampshire. They are providing services in Aldershot “UK” and Kathmandu “Nepal”. The founder himself served in Gurkha army for 8 years, Mr. Prasant Thapa. Being a part of Army, he always wanted to do something back to the army community. Later he developed the concept of G200 limited edition (200) of the watches for the first time in association with Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) to celebrate 200 years in honor of all the ranks served in British army. The watch included a dial engraved back case and came in a presentation box. Gurkha Bullion has been giving 3% net profit of every watch sold to GWT “Gurkha Welfare Trust”. So, Gurkha Bullion made one of the special edition of the G200 watch in an upgraded version, which was so popular that within a few days it was already pre-booked and sold out. It has been so high demand that people started to ask for more versions. Then they continued to make another five hundred pieces in different versions of straps (4 nylon, 4 leather & 1 stainless) which is now available in the UK and Nepal. Thus, they started developing the concept of naming their brand as “Gurkha Watch” with their own cross khukuri logo and word name “GURKHA .

The Gurkhas have been part of the British Army for 200 years. “Better to die than be a coward” is the motto of the world famous Nepalese Gurkha soldiers who are a crucial part of the British Army since 1815. In respect to the pride and honor of the Gorkhas they present this watch, to remember how brave they were and how much they have contributed for the sake of peace keeping movement. This watch is made to symbolize the sign of bravery of Gorkhas.

But one may ask “WHY” a Gurkha watch?

“Not just time, it also tells a story” is the rightful branding tagline of the watch as it symbolizes two millenniums of bravery and generosity of lion-hearted Gurkha Soldiers.

Engineered and manufactured with precision, these watches boast distinctive technological masterwork and ingenious mechanism. The quintessential watches that combine style, elegance and history, have now flew oceans to grace the wrists of Nepali watch-lovers living in Nepal.

A watch, moreover, is collective works of art rather than just a timepiece. These masterpieces can be top-notch troupe for the watch collectors and for the lovers of art and history.

These watches are designed for all genders of various age groups, keeping the various characteristics and choices as high preference as these watches provide wide range and design with a core subject intact.


Since 2015 Gurkha watch has been collaborating with SEKONDA, the no.1 watch company of United Kingdom. The first 200 years of service of Gurkha Watch which was made to honor the crown for serving 200 years by the Nepalese British Army was made with SEKONDA. After that again a special edition of stainless-steel Gurkha watch was made with SEKONDA along with Gurkha men watch and a rose gold ladies watch.

Now let’s talk about the specification of the watch:

The watch arrives in a handsome box to remind you that this is a luxury product with extra Nato strap. Sekonda gents watch are made of round black ion plated case which consists of black dial with luminous full figures and batons. Gurkha kukri logo knives at 12 o’clock beautifully. Under it, you can see the hour and minute luminous hand inlays. On the right side you can see the calendar/date box. You will also find an outer minute track with green numbering which creates ease for calculating the minute. (for example: 5,10,15,20). You will find the name of the model at the bottom under which there is a label that says the watch is water resistance up to 50 meters. Now, water resistance has an aura of misunderstanding around it. See, WR is actually how much static pressure a watch can withstand. But since realistic water pressure varies, a watch that says it’s good for 50 meters doesn’t mean you can dive down to the depths of 50 meters. All that it can do is survive in a shower and no more than that.

For your better understanding, here is a table of WR:

30 METERS: suitable for normal daily use and is not designed to be used while swimming or bathing.

50 METERS: Suitable or resistant to water while bathing or swimming.

100 METERS: Suitable for poolside diving and snorkeling, but not high board or scuba diving.

200 METERS: As 100 meters plus scuba diving, but NOT high board diving.

The box also contains a warranty card where it is stated that the GURKHA watch you purchase is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. During this period, they will exchange or repair any defective components at their discretion. You can choose between two different colors: black or green nylon strap. One can own this piece of jewellery at just Rs.7,999.



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