In a perfect world, women would fall in love with men for their personality, wit and brains. However, countless evidences point to the fact that what’s on the inside only comes to notice when the packaging is attractive; and also personality takes the back seat if women are looking for nothing but a fling.

By rule of thumb, women are attracted to tall men, with symmetric faces, a strong jaw line, a broad chest, and a narrow waist that tapers into a V. We could rant about how superficial women can be but it wouldn’t be as credible coming from the gender that obsesses over the female breasts and buttocks.

Unlike us men, women don’t get their jollies from reveling in the glory of butts and boobs, although they don’t miss out on it. Get your notebooks out and make a checklist because this comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s what women say get them purring like a little kitten.

THE ABS – A majority of women have an affinity for shirtless men. Having said that, the most visually appealing muscle in a man’s body would definitely be a nice set of abs. Hence any women would ogle crazily over a six-pack or eight-pack at any given time. So, if you currently have a beer belly or ideally nothing at all then the ladies will definitely knock you down a few points for sure.

So, if you’re not already a member at a gym, then you should definitely think about joining one and getting into the right routine for the same. Confidence and sex appeal will definitely be your trophy at the end of it.

BEHIND IT ALL – Yes! The thing which you sit on. Women are equally as crazy about a man’s butt curves as men are about women. To resist the temptation of going without a pat or a grab is just beyond question for women as well, maybe most of you men didn’t know about, eh! ;)

WEDGE-SHAPED TORSOS (broad shoulders, narrow waist) – Not much of a surprise here: Broad shoulders make women feel safe and secure around you. Also,research reviews have to say that, men with broad shoulders and narrow waists were found to have more testosterone than those who don’t.

Visually making waves, that there are probably unconscious cues that are being communicated by body configuration. Broad shoulders and narrow hips indicate greater hormonal masculinity. Hence, the take-away message here is obvious: that certain body styles have more sex appeal.

WAIST-TO-HIP RATIO (Tapered-Back) – Goes without saying that a well-arched back is undeniably drool-worthy. A man doesn’t have to flex these muscles intentionally to tease a woman. It’s in those moments like when he pulls off his jacket and you can see the structural definition of a tapered back and a slim waist lining flexing through which definably makes a women go crazy and wonder what lies beneath.

V-LINES – The pelvic muscle is one of the sexiest men’s body parts that women love. Hence, the v-lines are one of the biggest turn-ons on a man’s body according to women, these leading lines that lie above the hip bones and delicately between the torso, running downwards diagonally to the (ahem!), forming a distinct V, these sharp muscular curves are simply the most irresistible lines on a MAN’s body.

JAWLINES - Strong jawlines are the weakness of many women and as if you need any excuse to lust over these facial lines, the way the jaw ticks when men get angry is double the hotness! Also, did you know women are more attracted to this feature when ovulating?Umhmm!Keep track Men..A strong jaw gives the appeal of masculinity; so to top it up you might also want to throw in a bit of stubble and rugged good looks to that chiseled jaw. ;)

EYES – Something that does not require toning. Considering the entire package from the shape of the eye, to the lenses and lashes. A women always falls for a well set of eyes that speaks with just a glance. The eyes are one of the first things that anyone notices and if you are a man who owns a beautiful set of eyes, then congratulations! to you, as half the battle in life of being a charmer is won by your genetics alone. Also, there’s no saying how deep she is going to drown into it. So be ready for that as well.

LIPS - Lips are one of the most erogenous parts of the body, obviously. Hence, it’s no wonder that men are not the only ones who loves the pucker-ups. Smooches being served by fuller lips always come across more erotic for women as well. Added to that a woman always finds it extremely sexy when a guy bites his lower lip (but of course it’s a big turn-off though if it comes across as smug).

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