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CALISTHENICS training with your body weight


Most of us who have to work day in and day out, 10 am to 6 pm, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. On our daily tough schedule of work, we hardly find time for us and even less for our body. To be the best you can be, to get in shape you want to be is what everyone pursues. So, you sign up for a gym. You show up for first few day and find yourself not being able to continue. Paying the membership for gym and never finding time for it has been somewhat a habit now. Without having time in your hand, inspiration and willingness seems to take you nowhere. What do you do then.
Well, let us introduce you to Calisthenics. A workout completely based on your own body weight. Something you can do anywhere to achieve that beauty and strength you’ve been missing on. The term calisthenics refers to exercises done in a rhythmic and systematic way using your own body weight for resistance. The purpose of calisthenics is to build strength, endurance and flexibility without any equipment at all.
Great thing about Calisthenics – you can them anywhere you want and it won’t cost you a penny except the hard work and sweat.
In this summer of 2018, be the best you can be with nothing but yourself. Let your body be the tool to sculpt that physique and build strength.

Phase 1: Warm up 

Exercise 1: Crab walk

Most you must be hearing this exercise for the first time. Sure, Crab walk seems a bit unorthodox as an exercise. However, this exercise engages your entire body muscles. To start any exercise, crab walk seems to be a perfect way to warm up your body and get the heart pumping.
Start this exercise by sitting in the floor, planting your hands behind your back and legs bent in front of you. Taking the support of your hands and legs raise your hip upwards. Now, start walking using your hips and legs to propel you forward.

Phase 2: The Realdeal

Exercise 1: Inverted Row


For most of you who have worked out at gym, you know that you are supposed to push the bar and not the other way around. In this exercise you pull the bar towards you. This activates your back muscles, shoulders, arms and your entire core muscles.
Grab the bar wider than you shoulder width and hang underneath. Straighten your body from shoulders to ankles so that you engage your core muscles. Pull yourself towards the bar and slowly get back to starting position. focus on every muscles that is working on your body to do this exercise.

 Exercise 2: L-seat
Want to have a god like upper body strength and beauty? Well, we introduce you to L-seat. This exercise focuses on every bit of muscle on your abdomen, shoulders and arm.
To execute this exercise, sit on the floor with you back straight and your legs extended. Lift your body by extending your arms until your legs are parallel to the floor.

Exercise 3: Wide Push-up

Push ups are one of the most common and popular exercises. Push up comes first when it comes to exercise shown in movies to a first exercise you ever do. Easy and effective is the reason why this exercise comes first in everyone’s mind when thinking about working out. Find an empty open floor, and you are ready to get those pectorals pumping.
Everyone knows how it looks and how to do it. However, you need to master it. For this, get down into a push up stance with your hands a few inches wider than your shoulder width apart. Lower your body slowly to the ground until your chest is an inch from the ground then explosive drive up by fully extending your arm.

Exercise 4: Pull-up

Here comes another famous exercises, pull ups. Pull ups is one of the best body weight exercises when it comes to training latissimus dors, commonly known as “lats”. This exercise gives you better body physique, posture and prevents you from back pain.
Grab the handles with the palms away facing away from you, extending your arms. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, exhale and drive your elbows towards your hip to bring your chin above the bar. Remember to go back to the initial position slowly and under control.

Exercise 5: Frozen V-sit

Building that six pack abs has always been every man’s dream and also a definition of sexy. This exercise primarily focuses on the entire abdominal muscles and secondarily on high muscles. Done correctly and you will have your core strength and with the right type of diet, abs definition as well.
Lie down on the ground with your arms and legs out stretched. Point your hands towards your feet , whilst lifting your legs above the grounds. Exhale and raise your torso to meet your hands to feet.

Exercise 6: Diamond Push-up

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