Generally, people do not prefer reading self-help books since it is considered to be full of baloney. They are considered to not help at all and are deemed to be very idealistic which is almost impossible to achieve, ergo, they really don’t help. So, there are very few books that actually guide you properly and help. And those are the books that are down to Earth and can speak to the readers. Celebrate Your Body (And Its Changes, Too!) is one such book that helps the reader and guides them to understand their body better, especially the young girls who are in that turning point of their lives.

Winner of the National Individual Poetry Slam Championship, and the Four Continents International Slam Championship, Sonya Renee Taylor is an author, a poet, a social justice activist, as well as the founder of The Body is not an Apology movement, named after her book The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love. She is a feminist and a body activist, which is why she has written Celebrate Your Body as a guideline for young girls who are maturing and are enveloped in the phase of puberty.

On first impression, the book radiates positivity and approachability, and makes it apparent that it focuses on the changes the body goes through. Along with this, it makes puberty the focal point and navigates around the topic. It explains the various changes that occur in a girl’s body, from the growth of the breasts, growth spurts, acne, blackheads, menstruation, sleep cycles. Then on, it also goes into how all these changes relate with friendship and relationships. And because modern life exists on the digital age, these themes are made relevant with social media as well, exploring how online exposure influences life experiences. With these established, the book then goes on to help on how to confidently confront these changes and aspects.

In its essence, this book is the ultimate guideline for girls from the age group 8 to 13. Furthermore, it also helps parents and brothers understand their young daughters and sisters, and guide them through various perspectives of adolescence.

For most parts, this book provides a straightforward and medically accurate guide to pre-teens that is very informative for day to day life. With this, it also achieves to be empowering. For instance, it portrays how one is powerful and amazing rather than using the word “beautiful”. In addition, it is also quite inclusive of girls of all types, shades, and sizes. It is unbiased and non-judgmental, and doesn’t tell a girl what they should be doing. Rather than imposing what methods they should be applying to take care of their bodies, it lets the readers make the choice on their own. For example, when talking about shaving, it talks about the topic in such a way that the readers know that it’s their choice if they want to shave or not, and no matter what their choices are, it is a reasonable approach to take care of their body.

With all these sensitive yet important issues discussed, the book is written in a progressive way without being complex. It dispenses information with an easy to read language accompanied by illustrations that are non-offensive in any manner.

Talking about the negatives however, the topic of sexual intercourse is not mentioned, which is an essential issue to be dealt with with preteens. It lacks a bit of consistency where snippets of some issues are mentioned in earlier chapters and full descriptions are given in later chapters. This might come as a shock to young readers who don’t know what some issues are, like menstruation is mentioned in early chapters and only later a full explanation is given about it.

Regardless, the book is perfectly balanced and is empowering. It makes one feel undeniably remarkable and helps one to accept themselves. The book is full of wisdom which focuses on love and care that is extremely necessary for young girls to grow up and become healthy adults which is why this book is a must read for all young girls. And for anyone who wants to help the girls in their lives live better lives.

“Because all bodies are awesome and that should never be a secret. Every girl should shout it from the highest mountain top, “Hey world, my body is awesome!”

Rating: 4.7/5

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