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COBWEB: When you’ve been rocking and rolling for over two decades, you’ve got the right to brag.


When you’ve been rocking and rolling for over two decades, you’ve got the right to brag.

One of the veteran bands of Nepali Rock, Cobweb have crossed two decades and the band is recording a new album showing no signs of slowing down. Aanjan in the scene when they initially started, they removed all the cobwebs from their rolling strings. Soon after it was the ride in the Mercedes Benz that band won a permanent place in the hearts of people. Since then the band has come out with amazing songs.

We owe much of the popularity of the rock music today to Cobweb, without whom the industry may never have taken any momentum. We got a chance to drop in on their performance at Reggae Bar and chat with the veterans of Nepali Rock.

TNM: How has the music scene changed from back when you were playing music and now?

CW: The main thing is there was no internet, media and proper gadgets back then. As a matter of fact, the music scene had a different charm and quality in it. Everyone, from the musicians to the fans, were passionate about the music that was being made. Because marketing through different media was rare, musicians themselves promoted their concert pasting pamphlets around town and the people were excited months before a concert. It felt like the music scene was more alive. Yes, there are extremely talented artists and musicians, and there is better technology, the charm is missing.

TNM: Tell us about your band members and their roles in the band.

CW: Nilesh Joshi plays the bass, Divesh Mulmi is on guitar and vocals and Siddartha Dhakhwa plays the drums.

TNM: How would you describe your genre of music? Has it changed from what it used to be?

CW: We started from metal but we love to call ourselves a rock & roll band. We often play or cover genres such as heavy metal, reggae, progressive rock and many others. The reason we cover other genres is because we believe in entertaining our fans and supporters. We enjoy playing music and let the crowd enjoy more at the same time

TNM: Which is your best album yet?

CW: Anjaan, Cobweb, Rollin’ String, Mercedes Benz, Rock n Roll, Swing and Namaste are the albums we have come up with. It’s really difficult for us to pin down an album we like best. The truth is we like all our albums till date, every song every album was a learning process.

TNM: Which one do you prefer: live performances and recordings?

CW: Live performances and recording s are like Dashin and Tihar so we like both of it. Recordings have their own beauty. You play, listen to your music, judge it and correct the mistakes you make. Basically you judge your music and you play. Though recordings are a very complex task, the funny thing is the song which comes out the best while recording is what you play for live performances.

Live performances, on the other hand, are magical. You feed the crowd with energy through your music and in turn, the crowd’s liveliness and spirit replenishes our energy and vice-versa until the concert is over. It’s basically a make it or break it situation as you have no retakes.

TNM: When and where was your first stage performance?

CW: Our first live performance was in Patan, Ikkha chyaa where we performed songs from our album Anjaan.

TNM: When and where was your first tour?

Our first tour within the country was in Pokhara, and our first international tour was in Hong Kong.

TNM: Who are your influences?

CW: Our influences come from the rock & roll bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Rolling Stones and the music from the 70’s and 80’s. We were really inspired by them.

TNM: In the current Nepali music scene, who is your favorite band?

CW: Back then we use to go watch Prism, Vampires and Crisscross. The current music scene has clicked well and there are new musicians and bands. These talented artists have contributed a lot to the music industry. In the current scene, Underside has proved to be a promising band, catching the attention of all despite their hardcore nature. We simply love their music.

TNM: Who is the funny guy of the band?

CW: Divesh is the funny guy of the band, the reason being he doesn’t speak at all. (laughs). Moreover, everyone in the band is funny, and everyone has a funny nickname Divesh is Hakku, Siddhartha -Jonny Handsome and Nilesh is Khukre

TNM: Who is the ladies man?

Nilesh: Divesh,no doubt about it (laughs)

TNM: What would you do if you were not in Cobweb?

Siddhartha: I was studying engineering so I’d probably have followed the same line.

Divesh: I’d have become a scientist for sure, haha.

Nilesh: I would be a business man.

TNM: From where do you get the inspiration to write your song?

CW: It’s all about experimenting and exploring. We would want our fans and supporters to write us lyrics as well. Please feel free to send your lyrics to us.(To our Facebook Page)

TNM: Where do you see the band in the future?

CW: We will be there to support the music industry. Currently we are working on our new album, we have not decided a name for it but we have recorded about 3 songs for the album.


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