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Colors : You Don’t Have To Be A Rainbow

Orange is the new black. Pink is the new black. Purple is the new black. Green, blue, yellow, magenta, teal, lavender, seafoam, whatever. The deal is, we men have made black our go to color. Yes, black is one of those colors that is bold yet manages to be discreet. However, a black wardrobe, no matter how minimalistic or industrial looking it may be, is monotonous. One will not be able to tell what different or unique item you’re wearing from afar and in today’s world, intimate and close quarters are on the rather rare side.



Keep your monochrome tops and legs but swap your shoes for this epic red Louis Vuitton sneaks. All it takes is one small step for you in your red sneakers to make a huge step for your style. Besides, it’ll be nice for you to stand out from “high copy” white Stan Smiths and Superstars everyone seems to sport these days. Don’t get us wrong, white shoes are dope. But everyone wears them. Everyone does not wear red shoes. You do. Don’t be everyone.

Louis Vuitton sneakers Zara chinos Zara button down Bangbang vintage sweatshirt.



You should already be having a pair of denim and a white shirt, tshirt or a sweatshirt. Put those together with a nice pair of brown brogues and this red bomber. Now, make sure that your pants are fitting and tapered, that’s the number one rule of wearing dressy shoes with jeans. Don’t worry about the bomber being red if you’re not a fan of red, you have the liberty of choice. Just don’t make it black or navy, you want to stand out remember?

Zara Brogue Wingtips Pull&Bear Denim Pants Sihan Gao Pullover Bobby Kim Bomber Jacket.



Color does not just mean colors. You can voice your style with patterns as well. This nice printed long-hem tshirt reminds us about summer and if you pair it up with a biker leather jacket from Zara, you’re sure to be looking cool while staying warm. For the footwear, we chose these brogued chelsea boots that’s sure to grab you some compliments. Just don’t stuff your pants in them.

Zara Brogues Chelsea GAP Cotton Pants YSD Long Hem T Shirt Zara Leather Jacket.

Now, if you’ve been following, you should notice that you don’t need a lot of colorful item to be colorful. Just a dash of color here and there will provide you with a solid outfit. Don’t be that guy and throw in every color you can find. You’ll look like a peacock and trust us, it’s not something you want to be.


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