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Once a girl has a monthly onset of her menstruation cycles, all of the above-mentioned situations come as a single package. During those days it is important that she takes basic care of herself. However, in a country like Nepal, where monthly cycle is just about having access to hygiene, it is quite “luxurious” to have any other products for her wellbeing. Still considered a taboo in areas of the country, conception about menstruation in overall has now been challenged for the first time by two young ladies, Shristi Pahari and Nabina Subedi, after they came back to Nepal from their five-year academic stay in India. They started a period box by the name “The She Thing Period Box” as an idea to drag the word “period” from subject of secrecy and discomfiture to openness and comfort.

The Period Box is basically a monthly subscription initiated and distributed by The She Thing and has three major types –The Normal box, The Heavy box, and The Red Fairy Box. All the boxes have a certain theme for certain seasons apart from the standard theme. The review in this issue is on The Heavy Box, essentially meant for the ladies with heavy period flow.

Was the above important to mention? Yes, totally! You need to know even within females, not all the body structure and functions are same. Some have normal flow, some have heavy and The Period Box accommodates for both situations. The box has an array of items; broadly categorizing into sanitary items, cosmetics and snacks.


Sanitary Items:

The Period Box has a packet of Hibis Herbal Sanitary Napkins, Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes, a pair of Period Panties, Hibis Herbal Pantyliner, and a pair of PeeBuddy. As claimed by the Box manual, the pieces inside are herbal and all type skin friendly.

Hibis Herbal Sanitary Napkins is a packet of 8 regular sanitary pads, mainly known for its 240mm length and its super absorbent feature. It has specifically designed wet less cottony top-sheet to provide comfort and breathable back sheet for better circulation of moisture.

Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes is for the intimate areas targeted to keep them refreshed and moisturized. Meant for a single wipe in Front to Back stroke, the Intimate Wipe is a pH balanced product and has fruit extracts to keep it fresh, keep away the bad odor from the intimate parts. Based on hypoallergenic formula, the Wipe is essentially alcohol free and soft on delicate skin.


Period Panties is just a pair of undies with water-resistant lining from the gusset to the waistline, made from 95 % modal fabric and 5 % cotton. Intended for comfortable fit, these menstrual underwears have a seamless construction. It is super secure even in heavy flow because of its leak-defiant creation.

Pantyliners by Hibis is just smaller pads, the ones ladies would use on their less blood-flow days when they don’t want to waste an entire regular pad but also have some protection. As claimed by the packaging, the Hibis Herbal Pantyliners are herbal, meaning safe on all skins and preventing rash breakout.

PeeBuddy is one such revolutionary product that allows females to urinate while standing. One calculated to avoid Urinary Tract Infection, (a common infection seen in females due to unintended exposure to dirty toilet seats/ areas), PeeBuddy is a mobile utility device that makes urinating easier for females especially in public toilets, especially those with no raised toilet seats, for pregnancy as well and for women with arthritis.

“Still considered a taboo in areas of the country, conception about menstruation in overall has now been challenged for the first time by two young ladies.”


The Period box has a Sirona feminine pain relief patch, pair of earrings, lip scrub by Nuga, a box of colourful bindis and a face scrub by Nuga.

Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch has 5 patches inside the packet and as promised, provides instant healing to those unbearable period cramps. With no side effects, Menthol and Eucalyptus oil used in the patch help stipulate immediate relief from pain, inflammation, gastrointestinal difficulties. Discreet on the body, this relief patch has an effect up till 12 hours.

A pair of hoop earrings and a box of colourful bindis have also been included in the box as part of the cosmetics, which is a thoughtful initiative considering how busy ladies barely are able to make time for them.

Nuga Lip Scrub “Beetroot” is mostly in a size of 15 g and in a little tub. It exfoliates and cleanses lips. The Beetroot is mainly for tint and taste, since it’s edible and free of artificial chemicals and preservatives. The attractive feature of this product is that it is handmade in Nepal and especially manufactured for The She Thing.

Nuga Face Scrub, manufactured by the same company as the Lip Scrub, especially for The She Thing, comes in a packet. The content is a powder and is recommended to scoop out with a dry spoon or hand, mix it and apply it on the skin. The Face Scrub is also handmade in Nepal and sans any non-natural ingredients.



The Period Box has a variety of Rakura Tea bags, Foster Clark’s Chocolate Drink, Pure Milk Biscuits, and Sweet Hearts Biscuits. This is a nice way of acknowledging her cravings during her periods.

WORDS BY Abhigya Subedi

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