Dim Sum and Soup Festival at Akari& Koko


Dim Sum is a Chinese meal of small plates which translates to ‘touch the heart”. There are many myths surrounding the origins of dim sum, the most famous one dating back to 10th century where chefs of the royal court made the dim sums in order to ‘touch the hearts of the Chinese emperors. Dim sum had a simple purpose; to satisfy the soul rather than the appetite. There are many varieties of Dim sums, ranging from dumplings, steamed buns, wraps and noodle rolls which are often filled with a mixture of seafood, meat and vegetables.  However, the culture behind these Chinese delicacies remains the same; it is a food to be enjoyed surrounded by people that you love.



As Dim sum translated to ‘touching the heart’, Vivanta, Kathmandu is aiming to achieve just that through their 11 day event at their restaurant, Akari and Koko. The ‘Dim Sum and Soup festival’ at Vivanta, Kathmandu hopes the food lovers to come and enjoy the huge range of limitless soup and dim sum consisting of vegetarians and non-vegetarian selection which includes choices of vegetables, chicken, lamb, beef, pork and seafood. The festival will be held from 12:00 hours every day from the 19th of June to the 29th of June 2019.


This promotional festival is priced at NRP1500++ per person for a fest of 23 varieties of Dim Sums and 16 varieties of soups and more. You can enjoy this festival with a complimentary Asahi Beer, but if beer does not float your boat you can choose from their selection of mocktails and cocktails, ‘The City of the Brave”, being their signature cocktails.



For more information and reservations: +977-9863191511; tel: +977-1-5525002

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