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Dipesh Ghaley: Bringing Mustang Apples to Kathmandu


Back in 2007, when Durbarmarg was becoming the social hub of the capital, Laakhey was one of the restaurants that outshone the plethora of other joints in the area. Come 2009, made the rounds as one of the most prominent event organizing companies in the nation. 2011 saw the commencement of the first outdoor event that integrated trail running, climbing and mountain biking into a single event: the Himalayan Outdoor Festival. Now, whether or not you rule Dipesh Ghaley’s involvement in all of these successful ventures as a coincidence is your call, but we think it’s something more.

Dipesh Ghaley has quiet the diverse portfolio, probably because he didn’t spend his school life with his nose buried into books. He completed his schooling from St. Xavier’s where he engrossed himself in extracurricular activities where organizing and coordinating school events. With a few sport events, welcomes and farewells under his belt he also became the president of the student council. Later on he was inducted into the executive committee of the Godavari Alumni Association (GAA) Hall.

His early endeavors in participating and leading projects and events paved ways for his future. Out of school, he got his first real taste of professionalism managing the Chakrapath Youth Club; his home town.

“That was, I think, one of the first times when I had to deal with government officials. Turned out they lived up to their defamed name.” Dipesh recalled.

Of course this was just a harbinger of things to come. His first real problem arose along with his first real investment. When the Maoist Party arrived at the political mainstream, things started looking up for the Nepalese industry and Dipesh (along with a few other investors) decided to start a business. 11kms from Malekhu at a location called Charaudi, Dipesh opened up the Woodrock Café. Sadly, the long awaited peace in the nation was shortlived as the YCL insurgence wreaked havoc across the country. The rebellion affected his first actual investment and the Woodrock Café had to shut down soon after it started.

I’m not sure Nepal has to worry much about food being inorganic, I think the whole thing is being overdone. Nevertheless, the apples grown in Mustang are a 100% organic, if that floats your boat it’s all the better.

Not one to be deterred, Dipesh learned from the experience and moved on to his next venture which was more successful: Laakhey. In charge of the marketing for one of the most happening restaurants, Dipesh had his hands full with up to 3 events happening in a week.

In 2009 he carried over the same energy to, an event management company that was set to hit its stride. This was at a time when event management was becoming a trend. Kgarira did a number of corporate events and were responsible for bringing the likes of Runvijay, DJ Ankitrix and Lucky Ali in Nepal.

“One of the greatest achievements, in my opinion, was when we brought Dub Fx from Australia. It wasn’t that we doubted his stardom, but beatboxing wasn’t really a big thing back then. Thankfully it was a calculated risk that paid off.” Explained Dipesh, referring to his stint with the event management company.

Dipesh worked in several other successful ventures including the Himalayan Outdoor Festival and headed marketing at Capital Grill. But it wasn’t until April of 2013 that he started his own business christened as Periwinkle Trade and Services. Via Periwinkle, Dipesh is all set for his new undertaking of distributing the famous Mustang Apples in Kathmandu.

Now, if you haven’t had the chance to taste these apples yet, you are missing out. They have a one of a kind taste and are hands down one of the juiciest fruits you can get. Sadly, not many apples make their way down to the urban jungle and the capital is deprived of the chance to taste them. Dipesh himself hadn’t had a chance to taste these apples until one of his treks in 2009. While traveling from Manang Thorungla Pass to Muktinath he was offered an apple grown there.

Dipesh still remembers the first time he bit into the apple that made all other apples seem bland.

“I ate one apple and that practically got me through the day. And don’t even get me started on the taste,” Said Dipesh.

You get them in red, golden and dark chocolate, Japanese Gozu Green and Japanese Gozu Golden. “The apples that come into our supermarkets come from New Zealand, Thailand, US when there are exponentially better ones in our own lands. 10 tonnes of apples cross our border on a daily basis while the apples in Mustang rot away.” Lamented Dipesh.

These amazingly delicious apples aren’t readily available in Kathmandu. Via Periwinkle Trade and Services, Dipesh plans to bring in a steady flow of apples to the Capital. However, you won’t be able to find these apples in every store or supermarket. People who want to get hold of the apples will have to get in touch with Periwinkle Trades and Services to order and get their batch.

At a time when people are catching on to the trend of organic food, this venture seems properly timed. Surprisingly though, Dipesh doesn’t appear to be a strong supporter of the fad. “I’m not sure Nepal has to worry much about food being inorganic, I think the whole thing is being overdone. Nevertheless, the apples grown in Mustang are a 100% organic, if that floats your boat it’s all the better.” Explained Dipesh

The apples from Mustang will be available in the market soon.


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