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Dress code is important when working in an office setting as it determines how colleagues perceive you in a professional environment. Estab- lishing what to wear for work can feel tiresome. However if you follow these 10 steps it will be a breeze.

Be Prepared

Preparing your ensemble the eve- ning before work is great as it will remove the morning stress of putting an outfit together, as well as giving you added time to get to work.

Invest in an iron

Make sure you look appropriate and smart for the work environment, as this will represent you and your at- titude in life and in work. Showing up to work with a creased shirt may send the message you do not care about getting that promotion. If boss- es feel this way they may not offer you a raise. It is crucial to ensure that your clothes are ironed for all occasions and not only to attend job interviews.

Dress like your boss

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have in order to be taken seriously, dress similarly to those who run the company. If your boss likes to dress in blazers for instance it would be a good idea to do the same.

Don’t forget to polish

Ensure that your shoes are always clean and kept. As an adult there are no excuses for turning up to work in dirty old shoes. Also Gents – you must make sure that you wear match- ing socks with your shoes in order to be colour coordinated.

Overdressed is better than underdressed 

Do not dress for a club night out. Instead, prepare your ensembles as if you had important meetings to attend. This would guarantee that you are appropriately dressed for any occasion, for example if you had an important client meeting to attend a last minute.

Quality over quantity

Ensure that you purchase clothes of a good quality. Not only will they last longer but they will look the part aswell and you will not have any mis- haps such as the tearing of a trouser pocket or the button of a shirt. If it is required for you to wear a suit, stick to neutral colours such as navy and black that adhere to your body shape to ensure you look professional.

Less does not equal more

Do not wear anything to the of- fice that is too short, too tight, see through or revealing to ensure that you are consistently seen in a pro- fessional light. This also includes a builder’s bum and black bras under white shirts. If you abide by these guidelines, you will also be respect- ed as a professional business person.

Comfort is confidence

If you know you will be running around and doing something physi- cally strenuous, make sure that your outfit suits your daily physical activ- ities. Wear heels when you will be in the office and not running around; wear your favourite top when there is a stressful day ahead to cheer you up. Dressing comfortably will help you relax and concentrate on your job as opposed to worrying about what you are wearing.

Dare to be different

Wearing the same old plain black and white clothes can be boring, but in today’s office environment it is more than acceptable to experiment with a little burst of colour and accesso- ries. Be different and take that step to looking extra special and unique on an otherwise average day at the office.

Be yourself

And lastly be yourself! Do not be afraid to add your personal style to a work outfit. Although there is a smart dress code for the office en- vironment, there is no reason to be in the shadows. Dress to impress as well as for success.

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