Nirakar---High-134Dashain and Tihar are almost here which means holidays and merriment. That also means that it justifies the slightly over zealous drinking habits that we tend to adopt around the holidays. And that’s quiet alright. In fact,
we have a few ways that will make it seem like a fun recreational activity rather than the home breaking, health deteriorating social evil it is.

Drinking games are a lot of fun and do well to spice up a slow party. They’re great to help you relax and you can make the time you spend with family members you meet once a year less painful than it is. Here are a few easy games that you can play with your family or friends or at times even all on your own, no judgments.


Buzz Level: Medium

SUPPLIES: players, beer, and a ping-pong table (or a hard wood floor or even a dinner table).

  • Each player fills a cup with beer and places it one paddle-width from the end of the table, in the center (or a paddle-width from the side for doubles).
  • Hitting your opponent’s cup earns you a point and requires the opponent to sip (5 sips to a cup).
  • If you get the ball in your opponent’s cup, you are awarded 5 points and the opponent must drink whatever remains in the cup (excluding the ball).
  • No player may touch the ball prior to its hitting the table or a cup; if the ball hits a cup before hitting the table, it remains in play even after a single bounce on the table.
  • A player may attempt to save a point after the ball hits a cup by returning it (provided of course the ball has bounced no more than one time).
  • Multiple hits count only as a single point (exception: a ball hitting a cup and then bouncing inside the cup, or inside the partner’s cup, counts as a 5-point inside- the-cup “poofter”).
  • Knocking a cup over is grounds for a penalty chug (but no points)


Buzz Level: Potentially high

SUPPLIES: beer and people

  • Each person starts with a full glass/mug of beer. Any beer will do, but preferably something quite inexpensive.
  • All players start drinking at the same time. To signal that you have finished, you hold the glass *upside-down* above your head; if anyone does so then the other players must do the same whether or not they have finished drinking.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: It isn’t required that you actually drink the beer before claiming to have won; the winner is the first person to invert their glass above their head regardless of whether they actually drank the contents. Things might get slightly messy, so play the game outdoors or on an easily cleanable surface.


Buzz Level: Potentially high

SUPPLIES:Alcohol and People

  • You start the game off by sitting in a circle and placing your respective drinks in front of you.
  • Anyone can start the game by saying “one” and simultaneously pointing to their left or right while keeping your hand at your chest level .
  • The person being pointed at then follows by saying the consecutive number “two” and pointing at either direction of the circle he/ she desires.
  • This continues until it’s the turn of the seventh person who has to say “seven up” instead of just “seven” and point at the desired direction. This time the pointing hand must rest on their head.
  • The next person continues from one.
  • If someone messes up, then everyone drinks! The game is supposed to go fast so pausing for too long counts as messing up.


Buzz Level: Potentially high

SUPPLIES: beer and people

  • Everybody sits in a circle, (isn’t this how most games start?) and someone starts by saying the name of someone famous, or pretty close to being famous as far as those people are concerned.
  • The next person says a name that starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous name. Sound confusing? Not really.

Madan Krishna Shrestha

Saugat Malla

Michael Jackson

Jhonny Depp

  • If a player can’t think of a name IMMEDIATELY, they must consume for the DURATION until they can think of an appropriate name or they finish their drink.
  • Now, if someone says a name that begins with the same letter on first and last names (ie: Doanld Duck, Mickey Mouse) or is a single name (ie: Madonna, Cher) then the direction of the circle reserves.

For example:

Gagan Thapa

Tina Turner
 (direction change)

Tiger Woods

Wilson (from Cast Away)

(direction change)

William Defoe


Buzz Level: medium to high

SUPPLIES: people, beer, cards.

  • Player one is dealt a card. S/he then guesses whether the next card will be higher or lower than the next card.
  • If wrong, s/he drinks once (because one card was showing). If correct, s/he guesses again.
  • After taking at least three cards, the player may choose to continue or pass, BUT ONLY after having taken at least three cards.
  • If the player passes, the next player starts where the previous left off.
  • When a player guesses incorrectly, s/
he drinks for each card showing. SO, the strategy is to build up a lot of cards and then pass it to the next player.
  • Before play starts, determine by vote if equal cards are a loss or correct guess.
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