Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t ignore the man. Having won the elections in the United States of America and climbing to the post of President, Donald Trump is certainly a name that’s to be reckoned with. However, his name is usually associated with countless internet memes and constant negative press covfefe. Having said that, there are a few things one might want to pick up from him. Now, we hold neither political alliance nor opposition to him, but one has to admit it, Trump is a man to look out for.


One of the greatest fears of the Americans is another 9/11. That’s why they have been trying to be as diplomatic with the extremists as much as possible. Trump, however, turned that around. He said that no one will be as fiercer on the Islamic State as himself if he were to be elected. Terrorism is eating up the Middle East and is a global concern, and that is a fear we should strive to abolish; along with things like facing a big crowd, talking to your boss, or just having to confront your mother whenever you’re home late.


Donald Trump made it clear in his run to the elections that his foreign policy will be focused on Making America Safe Again by taking down radical Islamic terrorist groups like the ISIS, and ending the nuclear deal with Iran in order to prevent more terrorism. Further, he intends to stop apologizing to his enemies, and strongly stand with his allies.

What one needs to learn here is that these were not promises, but intentions, and the fact that he has authority over his subject matters; something an aspiring success story needs to possess. If you want things to go your way, you need to make sure it does. However, be weary to not be a control freak.


Crediting his knowledge of a wide variety of industries and businesses, Trump is great at negotiating. The man is a natural at understanding complex deals and had built his empire on this skill.

Now, risks are a part of business, but you need to be clever in ensuring the risks are calculated. Hence, be sure about what you need and what the other person needs. Then, work to find the balance between you two. Be ready for some compromises here.


Instead of hiring new people to work in government offices, Trump proposed that nobody is able to get a job in the federal workforce for at least the coming four years. While it may mean that offices will not be getting new recruits, what he has realized is that the current work force is just fine and replacing them is completely unnecessary. Nelson Mandela did this too, and you should do it as well because if you already have it, why replace it? Make the best out of what you have at the moment.


While plenty have disagreed about Trump’s notion of building a wall, what most have failed to realize is the motives behind it. He has stated it plainly, you lock the door of your house not because you’re afraid of the world, but to keep your family safe. This idea is driven by how he wants to focus on the interest of the Americans rather than on the immigrants and refugees.

Much like how his focus on his own people, you too should focus on what your interests are and capitalize on them. As selfish as it may sound, put you before others. It’s a favour to yourself.


Trump has a successful empire behind him, which he has led since taking over his father’s real estate and construction firm, now known as The Trump Organization, and has owned the Miss USA pageants for nearly 10 years. The man does know how finances work; a crucial skill in today’s day and age. And you too need to know how to manage your money and be accountable for every transaction.

Money may not be the ultimate giver of happiness, but when you want to take a vacation or do something special, a stack of elephants does come in handy.


During his election campaign, Trump said that he is opposed to abortion except for rape, incest, and life of the mother. He opposed the use of government funds to pay for abortions. He also called for being serious about prosecuting violent criminals, empowering law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves, and expanding mental health programs.

The man had himself a set of clear priorities and is going on with them. Why you should have something like this is because it lets you know where you are, what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you have to do next.


When you’re accused of being a racist, shaking hands with the mafia and believing that the Earth is flat; things can end up badly for you. But if you have an iron clad confidence, you can steer yourself away from the hate and sail into victory. It worked out for Trump. And chances are that it will work for you as well. All you have to do is believe in yourself, remember why you’re doing it, and walk in with your chest out high.

 Words: Nirveek PPJ Shah


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