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It is necessary to distinguish whether the cause of the dysfunction is psychological or because of a problem in your body.

The curtains are closed, the candles are lit, romantic music fills the air and rose petals are scattered on the bed where a beautiful lady awaits you… but Sgt. Dickinson refuses to come to attention.

Erectile dysfunction is a haunting issue for men around the world. An erection problem is when a man cannot get or keep an erection that is firm enough to have intercourse. You may be unable to get an erection at all. Or, you may lose the erection during intercourse before you are ready. In about every decade of a man’s life, starting at about 18 years of age, there is a 10% to 12% loss of erectile function. So by age 48, one may have lost 30% to 36% of his prowess. By 60, a man may be at 50% capacity.

When things are in full working order, ejaculation is a three step process:

  1. The man becomes sexually aroused.
  2. The penis responds by becoming erect.
  3. Stimulation of the penis causes ejaculation.

Malfunction in step two leads to problems in achieving step 3. And the main reason for such malfunction is because blood is not being pumped into the penis when required. Think of it as a balloon which hasn’t had any air pumped into it… it is limp. Though we shudder at the very mention of the word, it is an inevitable problem.

About 70% of erectile dysfunction cases arise from damage to the nerves, arteries, muscles, or tissues involved in producing an erection. This damage is usually caused by a disease like diabetes, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, or other vascular or neurological diseases. One of the most common reasons, especially in older men, is that the arteries in the penis aren’t dilating enough when the brain sends the signal. Prolonged stress may be to blame too. Whatever the reason, every man will suffer spontaneous impotence from time to time.

But it is necessary to distinguish whether the cause of the dysfunction is psychological or because of a problem in your body. To determine the cause, you can perform a simple stamp test. A man often gets multiple erections throughout the night. These involuntary erections mean that everything is fine with the nerves, muscles and arteries involved in the erection process, and signals that the cause of impotence may be psychological.

To conduct the stamp test, a man can simply wet and affix a small stamp on his flaccid penis before going to bed. If the stamp is no longer in place by morning, it means that a nocturnal erection occurred.

Either way, consulting a specialist is advised if the problem persists. But for the occasional inability to perform there is good news. Almost as a blessing in disguise for many men, the world was introduced to a magic blue pill Sildenafil citrate, more commonly known as VIAGRA. To sum it up, what the miracle drug does is it allows increased blood flow into certain areas of the penis, which leads to an erection.

But be warned, although the medicine is available without prescription in Nepal, it is a good idea to consult with your personal physician before taking the drug. Certain medical conditions make taking Viagra a little more difficult. Also, there are side effects to it as well, from something as common as headaches to rarities like priapism (We will give you the opportunity to Google it yourself, enjoy).

Although Viagra is one of the remedies to make sure a spontaneous romp in the sack is not foiled, it is a good idea to consult a physician if you are having trouble with erectile dysfunction for a prolonged period of time.

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