“I just think some women aren’t made to be mothers. And some women aren’t made to be daughters.”


Have you ever come across a book that after you finish, you just lie down and hold the book and wonder what just happened? Just when you think you have figured it all, at the last chapter of the book you realized you haven’t? Something you didn’t see coming at all? A book that you can’t stop reading because the plot is building up and you can’t put it down because you have this adrenaline rush that makes your heart pound and hands shiver?

Sharp Objects ticks the boxes of all the questions raised above.

Gillian Flynn’s debut novel, Sharp Objects is a psychological thriller novel revolving around the protagonist who is a Chicago-based reporter, Camille Preaker, who is sent to her hometown to cover an unsolved murder mystery which is similar to a case that occurred a year ago. During her mission, many things get unraveled; stumbling into a vortex of past wounds, memories, and the demons that never left her. This book ventures into a dysfunctional family and how a toxic relationship between Camille and her mother has messed up her whole life. This book shows the psychology of various women involved in the protagonist’s life and how these aspects along with her small hometown made her who she is right now. All the characters are majorly messed up and have dark backgrounds which make them the way they are and this very fact makes the book extremely interesting as you never know what to expect from it.

The plot, being masterfully written, is easy to follow and goes on quite smoothly with exciting reveals sprinkled throughout. That being said, it is an extremely dark and disturbing book which isn’t for the faint. It wanders around troublesome childhood, self-harm, drugs, teenage sex, sexualization of children, child abuse, and psychological disorders. It revolves around gory behaviors of the protagonist who is involved in dark and terrifying details of self-harm, which might be triggering to some readers. There is something deeply unhealthy about the actions taken by some characters that send the chills down the spine. Some readers might find it hard to read it and get through the plot due to the reasons mentioned above.

Then again, these very elements make this book so interesting. It makes you wonder the different perspectives of human psychology, what actually is going on inside a character’s mind, as you go further through the pages. Sharp Objects is captivating, and is no surprise that it’s been adapted into an HBO miniseries of the same name and has been nominated for 19 awards and won 4 of them. This alluring novel is a must read to all the people who want to experience the demented and the dark that’s still grounded in reality.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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