The game is simple. There’s a table, with a set of cups containing beer arranged in a triangle on either ends, implying that there are two people or teams playing against one another. One lobs a pin pong ball and tries to score it in one of the cups in the opponent’s cup. If scored, the opponent must drink from that very cup. The game is won when all the opponent’s cups have been cleared out.


But, the whole plot is like the other guy wins as well, because beer.



This is exactly why the game is so beautiful; everyone wins.


And that is exactly why Evolution Beverages put together the second iteration of theAsahi Beer Pong Tournament.


The event took place on 21st June, 2019, at the venue of Level 3 Terraces, Labim Mall, Pulchowk, from 6 pm onwards. With a fee of Nrs. 2000++, the event provided unlimited beer and barbeque. Additionally, good times and fun memories too were supplied in unlimited quantities.



The whole event centered on the game of Beer Pong. Of it, the victorious champions were the group No Balls Given, with RanaRajya as the First Runner Up.


Mr. Foodie Nepal was the charismatic host of the program with gratitude extended towards Marriott Kathmandu, Tuffstuff, Mantra Spa & Wellness, and EV.


We’re all waiting for the next one.


Photos by Evolution Beverages

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