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The popularity of functional fitness is catching on globally and as a country, we aren’t too far behind on the trend. Isolation exercises still rule amongst the masses, but it’s just a matter of time and awareness before more people shift from pushing weights at the gym and get into more functional workouts. The Pump is one of the first facilities in Nepal to focus completely on functional fitness. Walk into the gym and it’s immediately apparent that conventional fitness has been thrown out the window. Dumbbells, barbells and pulleys have been replaced with kettle bells, battle ropes and massive tyres.

The Pump, located at the vicinity of Moksh Jhamsikhel, is the brain child of Ashish Yakthumba. Ashish started training at a young age under the guidance of Sachit Pradhan (one of the most prominent bodybuilders and a veteran trainer of Nepal). With a fair amount of experience under his belt, Ashish began training members of the gym as an instructor. A series of life events followed and Ashish found himself in Dubai’s Sheraton Hotel. Although originally stationed as a Chef, Yakthumba once again found himself working as a personal trainer at the hotel’s gymnasium. There he began looking into a few rope workouts which he found interesting. Luckily, one of his clients volunteered to help Ashish get things started. After acquiring a few equipments, he started training his clients two to three times a week outdoors with ropes, tyres and hammers.


However, the Hotel he was working at closed down for renovations and Ashish came back to Nepal to get something started here.

“Obesity is starting to become a serious problem in Qatar, so a lot of outdoor workout areas started popping up. That way people could just go out and workout whenever they want without having to join a gym. What I really wanted to do was to implement this in the parks of Nepal so that people could just come and work out. But the government makes doing things difficult here. But I have a skill that can help people change their lifestyle, and that’s why I started The Pump.” Explained Ashish as we started talking more about this one of its kind facility.


What sort of work outs does The Pump provide their clients. Would you call this cross fit or functional training?

At its core, it’s functional fitness, but you can modify it to your own personal goals. You can do cross fit, train to get big, lose fat; it’s basically open for everything. It’s very versatile that way. I’m also planning on getting more equipment that can help members train well; like heavy bags. There are so many things you can do with a heavy bag. You can hit it, carry it around or slam it on the ground.

The equipment here isn’t what you’d find in a traditional gym.

That’s because the equipment here is more versatile and flexible in terms of utility. The equipment makes sure that you move a lot, and you’re moving your entire body. And when you move more you become more effective. Take for instance the kettle bells. With just one kettle bell you can work out your entire body, but you can’t do that with a dumbbell. With the kettle bell you move a lot and you need to put in more concentration.

If I’m looking to lose weight what is the most important thing I need to keep in mind?

Proper nutritional diet is very important. If you’re working out hard at the gym, it is also necessary to follow a good diet plan. Eating proper food is important, but it is equally important to eat at the right time. Try to get in small meals four to six times a day instead of three large meals.

Resting is also important. If you’re not well rested you can’t give your hundred percent when you workout. And in order to achieve any goal, you need to give it your all every time you’re working out.


Can a complete beginner start doing crossfit?

Yes, but you have to start off at the beginning. A certain amount of physical fitness helps but if you are a complete rookie, we can get you started from the basics that focus on the very basic of movements. Crossfit is about a lot of repetitions and variations, so you cannot expect a newbie to push himself/herself on the very first day.

What benefits can a person going to a regular gym get by switching to The Pump?

At The Pump, people get a variety of workouts that utilize ropes, hammers, TRX, tyres etc which you can’t get at the gym. You get to do cardio and weight train so you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. You’ll workout muscles in your body that you never train at the gym which gives you a perspective about the possible potential to which you can push your body.


Location: The Pump, Gyanmandala Building, Jhamsikhel

Photography: Bibhas M. Suwal

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