Faking Salsa Skills With Riyaj Shrestha & Yashu Khadka


There are various things a man should learn from the animal kingdom. Today’s lesson comes from
the magnificent peacock. The peacock puts a profound display of color and grace to impress its mate. However, we are not telling you to dress according to the rainbow and thrust your hips to attract a mate. But what we can learn from the peacock here is, its ability to impress, and as a human your days of blurting out cheesy pickup lines and buying him/her a drink is numbered. Risk the chance of going out on the dance floor flailing your arms and your legs and your chances of leaving people ‘impressed’ is heavily outweighed by leaving yourself ‘embarrassed’. You’re not going to get very far with the ladies by shifting from foot to foot on the dance floor; however, you do have a chance of stirring up a little attention if you can pull off this basic salsa step.

Now let’s set things straight. You cannot perfect salsa by reading up on it. It is an intricate and sensual dance form that requires knowledge and practice. However, you can fake your salsa skills and get away with it if you play your cards right. You might have to fake a twisted ankle to get out of it or smooth talk your way out of the dance floor with your partner before you’re required to perform more advanced steps.

Riyaj Shrestha, salsa instructor/epic-moe-guy agreed to help us out with a few cheat steps to make you look like you know how to salsa.



2.) Step forward with your Left Foot

3.) Rock back onto your Right Foot

4) Step back with your Left Foot

5.) Hold the Beat

6.) Step back with the Right Foot

7.) Rock forward onto your Left Foot

8) Step forward with your Right Foot



Hand movements should be synchronized with the feet movements and remember to not hold hands tightly or you cannot be flexible in what you do. While doing the turn try the right hand turn as it is more comfortable to start with while keeping up with the leg movements as well.

Location : Tamarind, Jhamsikhel

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