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There is something alluringly exquisite about The Old House Restaurant. It has an enticing appeal that resonates throughout the vicinity. The main dining area, resembling a beautiful vineyard setup, with plants crawling up and down the ceiling, is perfectly complimented by beautiful wood work on the ceiling and on the floor. Being located in the heart of the Capital, Durbarmarg, helps give it an upscale feel.

The food does well to stand up to the expectations set by the atmosphere as well. The Old House packages the divine combination of quality, finesse, presentation and taste. We got a chance to savour the establishment’s star offering, the luxury five-course meal! From an 800 Euro truffle oil to heavenly desserts, this fiesta is something you don’t want to miss. From exotic smells of rare cheeses to the otherworldly taste of salmon-and cheese, you are up for a culinary joyride if your next stop is this exclusive food-place. And we suggest you swing by!


Complimentary Dish

Amuse Bouche

The Amuse Bouche looks like a work of art and tastes like an explosion of flavour. This welcome dish is served at the beginning of a meal and is meant to awaken the senses. It’s not on the menu but rather served as a gift from the chef. Prepared by wrapping a goat cheese with a thin layer of delicious salmon, this small treat entertains your mouth and gets you excited about the meal ahead.


Organic green salad

This organic green salad recipe with fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits sings with simplicity and clarity: clean, fresh flavour from tomatoes and lettuce, brightness from beetroot, a nutty crunch from almonds, and just a touch of saltiness. Nothing more and nothing less. Everything about this salad is minimalistic and immensely refreshing. This dish is bound to be even more delightful during summer or the spring.


Main course

Egg Plant Parcels

These little French bundles of tomatoes, cheese and basil, wrapped in slices of eggplant are certainly a delight for all the vegans waiting for a filling main course. The eggplant wrappers not only serve to hold everything together, but also add complimentary tastes and textures in the process. Meanwhile, mozzarella and subtle spices accentuates the taste of the eggplant furthermore making the food taste more amazing. The dish is served with a complementing serving of mushrooms stuffed with basil, cheese and carrot sauce.


Main course

Beet root ostrich

Pan fried ostrich stakes stirred in beet root and bacon puree, this main course is undoubtedly a fantastic option for all the meat lovers. The meat is pan fried to a medium level and topped with gelatin prepared purely from ostrich bones giving the dish a velvety and fatty richness. All in all the serving is filling, delicious and boasts a variety of rich flavors.


Main course

Sweet lime trout

This meal is prepared by bedding a strip of gorgeously fried trout over perfectly cooked spinach. To give this delicious combination more flavor, tomato virgin sauce and bitter- sweet lime yoghurt is added to the dish. And lastly small pieces of sweet lime are added on the top along with a seasoning of salt and pepper. The result of this unusual mishmash: an unusual variety of flavors seriously out of the world. For us this dish was a clear winner.


Main course

Cheese plate

After the main courses and just before the dessert, the old House serves a cheese plate with odd variety of cheese providing a brief repose in the meal for guests to indulge their palates. The platter includes some of the finest Himalayan cheese with variety of flavours and textures, including the utterly strong goat cheese and the pleasantly scented St. Marcelline brushed with pure truffle oil imported from France. All in all the cheese plate gives a delightful, well rounded sensory experience and can even can take the place of dessert for those who prefer a savoury finish.



French chocolate cake

Tender and delicious, this French chocolate cake is beyond perfect. Made purely from almond powder and chocolate and topped with a melted chocolate cream, this dessert melts in your mouth the moments you put it inside, making you want more. Further it is dusted with pure chocolate powder and served with lightly sweetened flavoured creams giving the dish yet more variety of heavenly flavours. This chocolate cake is a perfect finishing to the five course meal.


About the Chef

Biswa Raj Dahal is the Head Chef at The Old House. Over the years, he has undertaken numerous courses and obtained a number of training certificates from prestigious establishments in culinary arts and Hotel Management. His major speciality lies in French and Mexican cuisines. Within his current position he brings a wealth of expertise – combining a love for simple, traditional and modern French food with a unique blend of creative flair and passion.

Photos: Niren Tuladhar

Words: Samyukta Dawadi, Krishna Rauniyar

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