The true spirit of feminism arises from the notion of going head to head with men and seeking equal political, social and personal rights for themselves. Demanding equal pay, the right to vote and the right to a woman’s education demonstrates the true spirit of feminism, the spirit of equality and not backing down.

Sadly, some people have strayed from the true definition of the concept, spiraling into an uglier misconstrued version of a perfectly good thought. Or maybe, it just eludes me so much that I have difficulty keeping a good grasp of the concept. I’ll let you be the judge.

Now my family and relative circle is a pretty conservative clan. They are hard and fast about their norms about marriage, rights and obligations. As it was for virtually every young adult in Nepal fifty years ago, the custom of arranged marriage is still very much prevalent in my family. Whenever we talk about it, my granny mindlessly rants on about ideals and established traditions! Seven years ago, a distant cousin of mine stood her ground and refused to marry a guy she had never met before. The idea of having someone else make a life decision for her seemed absurd. Despite the threats of social embarrassment and general frowning upon from the society hovering over her head, she refused to get married to a stranger. Today, not only is she a successful entrepreneur, she is happily married to the man of HER choice with whom she raises two beautiful sons! That is a true act of feminism and seems logical in every sense of the word: the demand for equal say in every matter relating to one’s life, and the power to make one’s own choices.

Now, there are some women who practically hate men and take the meaning of feminism to an entirely new, more extreme, spectrum.

Women’s protest regarding the use of bras and body hair removal make very little connection as to how men are oppressing the female gender. Squiggly wayward hair creeping out from under a braless shirt does as much to empower women as, a drop of water does to increase the size of the Pacific Ocean. Yet, there are several women around the world that insist on it.

Women shave their armpits to look attractive, to look beautiful. There is no status quo here. Honestly, we don’t have a problem with you not wearing a bra (most men wouldn’t mind) or shaving your armpits. Do it, don’t do it, your choice, but expecting this to symbolize feminism is a little farfetched.

Sadly, some people have strayed from the true definition of the concept, spiraling into an uglier misconstrued version of a perfectly good thought. Or maybe, it just eludes me so much that I have difficulty keeping a good grasp of the concept. I’ll let you be the judge.

The problem is, for many so called feminists, the ideology comes first and then they look for anything to back it up. Take into consideration the agonizing criticism that Dr. Matt Taylor had to go through for wearing a shirt that was apparently offensive to women. Dr. Taylor and his team managed to send and land a spacecraft on a moving comet 4 billion miles away. However, he was brutally chastised for wearing a risqué shirt with cartoon images of women wearing bondage gear and firing guns. A shirt that was coincidentally made a female friend as a birthday gift for him. He later apologized and seemed visibly distraught; making it clear that he had no intention of offending anyone. A major event for mankind was marred by absurdity that was blown out of proportion, all because of a few people who seem to get a kick out of being offended.

There is a point when feminism becomes so out of control, it starts to be intended insult and a disparaging chain. Not every man is out to oppress women, and not every act is intended to offend or degrade the female gender. When a man pulls up a chair for you to sit down on, he is being courteous, showing the trait of a true gentleman. A true feminist will definitely appreciate the gesture, thank him, and take her seat. But some women take it as an offence. They become so obsessed with proving everything a man does wrong that they forget the difference, whether they are advocating feminism or being arrogant.

Yes, there are, no matter how rare, feminists who go out of their ways to prove them wrong. And not just prove, insult, belittle and humiliate men in every way possible. They are willing to chew their legs off in order to hurt a man. And that’s sad, because by doing acts like that, they are defaming feminism. They say that they are encouraging feminism, but feminism, in no way speaks about disrespecting men and male rights. Feminism speaks about an equal share and equity in every aspect of life. Some women don’t understand this simple fact and go on and on with their sinful deeds. I’m all for feminism and equal treatment, but there is a limit when your display of feminism turns into unpleasant arrogance. Let not that be the case!

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