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Wheezing like a gradually deflating balloon half way up the Swayambhunath stairs is acceptable. We’ll even let a breathless finish to your office on the third floor slide. Calling for a time out in the middle of a hot romp in the sack, however, is unacceptable.

If there is one thing you don’t want to suck at, it’s sex. Having deep feelings for someone makes sex great, but having the physical prowess to rattle the headboard like an army man on leave makes it even better. At the end of the day sex is a physical activity, and unless your idea of good sex doesn’t end at flopping around like a dying fish, you’ll want to step up your game up.

You don’t have to be in peak physical condition to be a beast in bed though. You can have a pot belly and still be emperor of your bedroom.
In fact, a research concluded that men with bigger bellies last longer
in bed. More belly fat, they say, means the man is housing more of
the female sex hormone estradiol, which helps to inhibit orgasm. The researchers even went on to say that men with less masculine bodies have the upper hand in holding out than a ripped guy. That’s one for team beer-and-nachos-for-breakfast.

For the ones who don’t find the appeal of a ripped body reason enough to hit the gym, this might just provide the necessary push. Here are a few exercises you can do to get better at sex.


Having impressive pecs doesn’t always indicate a good sex life, but if your chest looks like a pair of wet socks hung out to dry, you might want to tighten things up. More importantly, the absence of floppy manboobs is quite a turn on for women. Pushups are compound exercises that work your chest and triceps. Best thing about it is that you don’t have to go to the gym to do it. You can do pushups at home or anywhere for that matter.


Cardiovascular fitness is important if you plan on having quality
 sex. Do things right in bed and your heart should be pumping, which further emphasizes the importance of cardio in sex. Find something that gets your heart pumping and do that to improve your cardio;
it could be running, cycling, rowing etc. Sex provides a pretty good cardiovascular workout too, so you could try and do more of that to get improve your stamina.


The movements that take place when doing a deadlift mimic hip extensions, which emulate the action of thrusting and there will be lots of that when you have sex.

Deadlifts primarily work your hamstrings, glutes, core, and back, all of which are very important when it comes to the bedroom. You don’t have to lift too heavy either. Choose a weight you are comfortable with and reap the rewards.


Plain vanilla sex can be good,
but your partner will not mind
a little extra flavor in the “ mix. Firstly, squats are tiring
exercises and doing high reps
of squats adds up to your
cardio. More importantly,
doing squats gets you used to
carrying heavy weights when
you’re standing up. Doing squats helps build leg and back strength which is essential for those who want to fulfill the fantasy of having sex against the wall while holding their partner.



This is probably where it counts the most. You could be doing it while at a meeting, watching tv, or cooking dinner. Hell, I’m doing it right now. Performing these consistently will give you better erections, more intense orgasms, and help you last longer in bed. All you have to do
is clench a few muscles in your nether regions. Imagine that you’re peeing, and you’re trying to stop mid pee. Or try to raise your penis. Once you get the hang of that, you’re utilising these muscles. Try holding the contraction for three seconds at a time, for three sets of 10 contractions, three times a day.


Core strength is important when it comes to matters of thrusting. These workouts come in handy when you’re in the missionary position. Performing a plank on an exercise ball would be the most effective when it comes to sex. Keeping a tight core while your body wants to move around is directly going to benefit you while you’re in missionary position because that’s exactly what’s going on there.


We all know that the g-spot is located at the top of the vagina. To hit the spot during sex, we have to tilt our pelvis upwards as we thrust. This is exactly what leg raises achieve. You are raising your legs to your chest, effectively training your ability to tilt your pelvis upwards.

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